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Here's another very pretty cue by Bob that he made from his own treated "double dyed" buckeye burl.  He is one of the only cuemakers I know who treats his own woods, and actually sells it to other cuemakers, so it stands to reason he gets some choice pieces.  This one is a good example.

As usual, the wood is full of figure, grain, knots and other beautiful accents that make a cue come to life.  This one is dark, overall, but closer examination shows a potpourri of colors and accents.  I particularly like the tiny hints of red in this one -- not too much, just enough to give it some real zest.

The picture above, a close-up of the butt sleeve, shows why his woods have so much appeal.  

Don't let the "Cadillac" look of this cue fool you - it's a workhorse as well, and built to play.  His cues are always solid, straight and stiff, with a soft but firm hit that make them a pleasure to play with.

As is typical of his sticks, this one has some "extras" that make it special.  In this case it's the fancy rings, the special "Hoppe-style" butt cap, and the stainless steel joint that provide the necessary accents to make this cue something special, even beyond the sheer beauty of the wood.

For the handle, he applies a nice piece of Spanish Bull leather.  It's probably my favorite wrap, soft and supple, and wears well with time.  At the butt cap he uses a delrin bottom, a white Juma ring and an ebony ring on top.

Above are a couple more pics of the very special wood in this cue.  Note also that he uses a thin ebony ring above and below the wrap to frame the leather.  This is a nice touch.

He adds a pretty set of fancy rings, using red and black veneers sandwiched between a couple of sets of ebony and white Juma rings.  He uses them at the joint and on the ring collars of the shafts.

As usual, he signs and dates the cue under the finish on the forearm.

He builds this one with a 3/8X11 G-10 resin pin, in a wood to wood configuration, with a stainless steel sleeve over the inner core of wood.

It comes with two 13mm shafts of his premium quality hard maple, with Juma ferrules and Precision S tips.  It weighs 19.1 ounces.  This is a tremendous stick for someone wanting a great playing cue that looks special without busting the budget.