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Here is another very pretty cue from the shop of Bob Owen.  This one is a simple merry widow design dressed up with a beautiful segmented handle of spalded Maple burl, fancy rings, and a nose and butt sleeve of gorgeous dark rosewood.

As in other cues I've had by Bob, the choice of woods for this one is excellent.  The rosewood in the nose and butt sleeve is very dark and at first glance could easily be mistaken for ebony.  But instead, it's a deep brown rich rosewood that adds to the classy look of this stick.

But as pretty as the rosewood is, it's the spalded maple burl that's the star of this show.  The three part segmented handle is spalded burl at its best.  Just take a look at all the figure and color in this wood.

Be sure to note that there are two different sets of rings in this stick.  He uses his somewhat traditional railroad track ring pattern in all the usual locations, but adds a special ring to separate the three parts of the handle.  It's very distinctive looking.

The contrast between the rosewood and the burl in this cue gives it a rich, classy look.

He adds a white elforyn butt cap as another pleasing aesthetic feature.

He builds it with a flat-faced joint with a stainless steel sleeve over wood.  He uses his 3/8X11 resin pin (G10) that helps keep the cue on the light side and gives it good balance.  It also helps give the cue a great hit.
He signs and dates it under the finish on the handle.

This is a very pretty cue with lot of small distinctive features that make it special.  It comes with two 13mm shafts of premium quality maple with Juma ferrules and medium Moori tips.  It weighs 19.1 ounces.