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Bob Owen of Wichita, Kansas, has quietly been making good-playing, solid cues for many years.  However, the last few years has seen him move up in the ranks of cue makers by incorporating beautiful and fancy designs with meticulous work and great wood choices.  This cue is a good example of his work these days.

His sticks have a great reputation for being some of the best playing cues, with a nice stiff, solid hit.  This cue is made predominantly of stunning cocobolo with sublime color and figure, dressed up by four points of handsome white LBM, lined with beautiful veneers.

The cocobolo in this cue is really special, and it shows well in both the nose and the butt sleeve.

He uses a ring pattern at the top and bottom of the butt sleeve, and then repeats it throughout the cue - above the handle, at the joint, on the ring collars of the shafts and finally on the joint protectors.   Each ring consists of a series of white LBM veneers and circles, with round dots of abalone.

The butt sleeve itself is highlighted with inlays of abalone diamonds and spearheads, allowing the resplendent cocobolo to shine.

The points are long, even and sharp.

He wraps the handle with a very nice piece of black elephant ear leather, which complements the rest of the stick perfectly.  This is one of the best leathers for cues - it wears well and just gets softer and more comfortable with use and age.

The veneers are an important part of this cue, adding a brilliant flash of color.  He uses white, blue violet, apple green and black veneers to achieve the effect.

Another look at the superb cocobolo in this stick...

The white veneer on the outside of the points allow them to really contrast well against the red cocobolo.

He inlays a large stylized diamond of ornate abalone in the base of each point.

He builds it with a white LBM joint, but has black collars on each side, which goes well with the black butt cap.  As usual, he engraves his "O" logo in the butt cap.

He uses a brass 3/8X11 pin in a flat-faced joint.  And finally, he adds a fancy set of matching joint protectors of cocobolo and ebony, with rings, and adds his logo on top.  The shaft protectors are individually marked with "1" and "2".

It comes with two 13mm shafts of premium hard maple, with Juma ferrules and Searing Precision soft tips.  It is 58 inches long and weighs 19.1 ounces with one shaft and 19.2 with the other (15.2, 3.9, 4.0).