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Bob Owen is one of those cuemakers who has been making great cues for a number of years, but is not one of the more commonly known "names" in cuemaking outside of the Midwest.  Having taken over Shurtz Cues some years ago, he has quietly been building quality cues in Wichita, Kansas since 1995.

Bob first captured my attention several years ago when he started building cues with some of the prettiest rings I'd ever seen.  While most of his cues are very workman like, in recent years he's really stepped up his game and makes somr beautiful cues.  The one featured here is a fairly simple, merry widow style cue, but with his choice of wood and careful craftsmanship, he's made it something special.

He built this cue with one of the prettiest pieces of impregnated maple burl that I've seen anywhere. The grain and figure in this wood is spectacular.

He doesn't do a lot of work in this stick - no inlays, rings only where they're really needed - just quality and meticulous work that wisely allows the wood itself to be the star.  

He builds just enough contrast into this cue by adding an LBM Hoppe-style ring at the butt cap, and a matching LBM joint.  They really add a great deal of class to this pretty stick.

He adds a wrap of black Spanish bull that looks beautiful on the cue.  This is my favorite leather wrap, always soft and easy on the hand.

Another look at the gorgeous cue in the forearm of this stick.

A closer look at the wonderful texture of this soft yet durable leather.

Another look at the butt sleeve ...

Although he only puts rings in this cue at the joint and on the shaft collars, it's a really sharp looking pattern - very crisp, clean and classy.

He builds this with a 3/8x10 G10 resin pin with a flat faced joint.  It comes with two 13mm shafts of very nice maple, and weighs 18.9 ounces.
This is a subtle, yet very classy stick that is built for business.  It has a great hit, and is perfectly balanced.  It will make someone a great playing cue and demand a lot of respect all on its own.