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There's so much work in this cue, with so many added features, that even the title is long.  It almost defies description, so I'm happy it photographed well and you can see it for yourself.  Bob is building some of the most beautiful cues I'm seeing these days, and this is just one more that explains why his cues are so desirable.

He started with a striking piece of fiddleback maple, using it in both the nose and the butt sleeve.  As the pics show, the curly pattern is gorgeous - about as good as this wood gets.

He builds it with four ebony points, all bridged at the base, with stunning blue veneers.   At the base of each point he inlays an intricate torch pattern in elforyn, highlighted with Paua abalone shell.

The butt sleeve itself is its own masterpiece of color and shapes.  It's made of overlapping boxes of ebony - four rectangles, and four squares in-between laid on the diagonal.  All are heavily inlaid with elforyn and Paua shell and outlined in four colors of veneer to match the points.

The handle of the cue is another design in itself.  It is made from figured bubinga with beautiful color and grain.  The middle section is of ebony, again heavily inlaid with intricate designs of elforyn and Paua abalone shell.  The middle section is outlined at the top and bottom by white and black rings.

With each of these three sections completed, and finally pieced together, he creates a gorgeous overall cue design that comes together beautifully.

He adds another one of his fancy ring patterns in all locations - above the bubinga butt cap, below and above the handle, at the joint, on the ring collars of the shafts and finally, on the set of joint protectors.  Nine times in all!  Each ring set is made up of white rings, ebony rings, with lots of diamonds and dots of Paua abalone, every one outlined in white.

The veneer colors in this cue are stunning - white, violet, blue and black.  The predominant effect is blue.

Below are a couple of pics of the centerpiece of the handle, close up.

The overall impression from everyone who sees this stick is that it is a "stunner."  I agree.  It's "drop dead gorgeous."

Here's a closer look at the figured bubinga used in the handle, and of course, in the butt cap, joint and joint protectors as well.

And below, a close look at the inlay in the butt sleeve.

Some of the prettiest maple I've seen anywhere.

I love that Bob makes a great set of matching joint protectors with almost every cue he makes.  In this case, he uses mostly bubinga, with highlights of ebony and white elforyn, and adds the fancy rings.  On the top, he adds his logo and the numbers "1" and "2" so you can distinguish the shafts.

He builds it with a flat-faced, wood to wood joint with a brass 3/8X11 pin.  It come with two shafts of his high quality maple, made with Juma ferrules and topped with Kamui medium tips.  It weighs 19.1 ounces.

This is a spectacular cue by one of the great cuemakers building cues in this era.  His work typically sells pretty quickly, so if you want it, don't delay!