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Here is a great player cue from one of today's best cue makers, Bob Owen of Wichita, Kansas.  His work is usually had to find, as he has a long waiting list for his custom work.  I'm always happy to be able to offer a few of his sticks from time to time.  I received it from him at the 2023 ICCS in Oklahoma City.

This is a very pretty merry widow style cue, dressed up through the use of some outstanding wood and the addition of classy ring work and custom made matching joint protectors.

The wood is black ash burl, and it is some of the prettiest I've seen.  You can see the beautiful grain, and also how highly figured it is.  In some areas it has almost a curly effect, but overall it is very "pebbled", like a very fine birdseye.  And the color variations throughout are superb.

To dress it up a bit more, he adds a white elforyn joint with matching white butt cap.

The wood in this stick is really striking.  Terrific grain and figure, and super nice color.

He builds it with some very pretty ringwork - double intermittant copper rings with small abalone diamonds.  And he uses these rings generously, including above the butt cap, below and above the wrap, at the joint, on the shaft ring collars and finally, on the matching joint caps.

Another picture of this dazzling black ash burl ...

He signs and dates the cue under the finish, just above the handle.

He also puts his "O" logo, engraved, in the butt cap.

As with almost all of Bob's cues, he adds an exquisite set of matching joint protectors.

The butt cap has the "O" logo engraved on top, and the two shaft caps have a "1" and a "2" engraved, for easy differentiation of the shafts when they're in your case.

The stylized "O" logo of Bob Owen has come to stand for outstanding quality in custom cues.  It is synonymous with tight meticulous work, great designs, and wonderful playability.  They have a stiff, solid hit with very low deflection.

For the finishing touch, he wraps it with a beautiful brown mottled elephant ear wrap with a reddish undertone.  It looks gorgeous on the stick, and is excellent for everyday play.  These wraps wear well and just get better with time and use.

It is built with a brass 3/8 X 10 pin in a flat faced joint.  It is 58 inches long and weighs 19.2/19.3 ounces depending on which shaft is used (15.4, 3.8, 3.9).  This is an excellent playing cue with a stiff, solid hit.