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Bob Owen continues to build some of the prettiest sticks I'm seeing these days, and that, combined with their well-earned reputation for playability, has earned him an upper-echalon spot among today's top cuemakers.  Here is another cue by him that demonstrates why.

This is a four point cue, using long points of red amboyna going into an ebony nose.  The woods are very subtle and earthy, resulting in a super classy cue.  It is brand new and came straight to me from Bob's shop.

The butt sleeve is a solid piece of matching red amboyna, with a unique and elegant inlay pattern of white elforyn, striped abalone and Paua shell.  Very sharp looking.

The very long points are nicely framed with just two layers of veneer, one white and one black, nicely separating them from the ebony background.  Each point then ends with a pretty fleur d'lis inlay.

The red amboyna is gorgeous.  It has a deep rich reddish-brown color with nice figure.  Everything about this stick is subtle, rich and classy.

As with almost all of Bob's higher-end work, he has carefully built a matching set of joint protectors that beautifully show off the cue and carry his logo.  He also builds this one with a G-10 resin pin.

It's difficult to pick out one thing about this cue that is extra special, because everything about it is special.  But the ring work is exceptional.  Bob is known for his fancy ring work and his great selection of woods.  This cue has both, but I really like these rings.  They are different than anything I've seen him do, and they definitely add to the elegance of this stick.

I love the way he mixes up the abalone and Paua shell in the inlays.  It adds variety to the look and picks up the light in lots of different ways.  This is a complex pattern that stands firmly on its own compared to the work of other top cuemakers.

Bob's work is tight and meticulously done.  Even under high magnification it's difficult to find even the slightest missteps.

The wrap is another big part of the overall success of this cue.  It's an elegant reddish brown elephant ear with a beautifully textured look and feel.  It's expertly applied and looks superb and feels great in the hand.  And, it is the perfect match for this stick.

Even though this ring pattern is complex and requires a lot of time and effort, he uses it generously throughout the cue in all the traditional positions.  Counting the joint protector and shaft ring collars, he repeats the ring nine times.

He signs and dates it under the finish between the points.

I believe the darker shell inlays are the Paua shell and the lighter ones are the striped abalone.

This cue just screams sheer elegance to everyone who sees it.

The joint and butt cap are both made from white elforyn.

He builds it with his standard 3/8X11 pin, this time in G-10 resin.  These are the strongest pins and are virtually indestructible.  Steel pins won't break but they can be bent.  G-10 won't break and can't bend.  He uses a flat faced wood-to-wood joint that insures a solid and yet soft, firm hit.

As usual, he builds a beautiful set of matching joint protectors.  It comes with two 13mm shafts of top quality premium maple.  They have Juma ferrules and Precision S tips.  It weighs 19.3 ounces.   This is an outstanding cue that won't last long.