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As usual, Bob has used his great selection of woods and his meticulous craftsmanship to build an exceptional cue.  This one is of Golden Amboyna Burl and premium ebony.  However, what makes it unique is the construction technique of recut points.  It all results in a beautiful, classy cue.

If you're not familiar with the technique involved in building recut points, I will try to describe it.  When you look closely at the points in this cue, it's easy to overlook what you're really seeing.  These are not veneers that are framing the amboyna burl points.  What you're actually looking at with each point is four separate points laid on top of each other - one cut into the other forming the appearance of veneers.

In other words, he began with six points of amboyna, then on top of those he inlaid six points of ebony, then on top of those he again inlaid six points of amboyna.  So, while it gives the appearance of amboyna points with an ebony and amboyna veneer framing each one, each point is actually three.

The reason you don't see many cues constructed in this way is because - quite simply - it's a lot of work.  Most cuemakers just don't want to put in the time to do it this way. 

So, as you can see, the result is a beautiful six point cue of amboyna going into a solid ebony nose, with a butt sleeve of more of this gorgeous amboyna burl, and a "Hoppe-style" butt cap of black delrin and snake Juma, with a slender ring of ebony on top of that.

I love the look of this snake Juma.  It's one of the "ivory substitute" materials that are being made these days, and Bob has used it in several of his recent builds.  In this one, he uses it sparingly in the cue, but extensively in the beautiful joint protectors.

For the handle, he wraps this one with a supple and very premium piece of black elephant ear leather.  At the top and bottom of the wrap, he again goes the extra mile - he adds a thin ebony ring which give the wrap a finely finished look.

It has a butt sleeve of more of the golden amboyna burl, with a classy Hoppe-style ring at the bottom.  This wood is gorgeous.

It has great figure and grain, and the golden color is my favorite color of amboyna.

And of course, what I've come to expect on all of Bob's higher end work - the very, very classy ringwork.  This time it is alternating ovals and circles of striped abalone, connected with double dash-rings of more amboyna burl and ebony.

As usual, Bob signs and dates the cue under the finish.

He builds this with a flat-faced wood-to-wood joint with a stainless steel sleeve.  He uses a 3/8X11 G-10 resin pin, which keeps the cue light and well-balanced.  The G-10 also gives the cue a touch of flexibility that other materials have trouble matching.

It comes with two 13mm shafts of premium, top quality maple, with Juma ferrules and Precision S layered tips.  It weighs 19.2 ounces.
This is a very pretty cue at a reasonable price, with lots of bells and whistles. And it plays beautifully.