Recollection Cues

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Bob has been making some of the best cues around for many years now.  His designs are always attractive and his work is as tight and meticulous as it can be.  And best of all, they play great - a nice, solid, firm and stiff hit.  It probably doesn't hurt to have a U.S. Open champion (Gabe Owen) hanging around the shop to test hit your cues now and then!

Here's another example of the fine work being done by Bob Owen.  This one is primarily dark, highly figured cocobolo, with long white Holly points, distinctly outlined with four layers of veneer.

Since most cue being built today don't contain ivory, cuemakers have gotten away from long white points.  Seeing the holly points in this stick, I'm reminded just how much I like them. 

He inlays a stylized abalone diamond in the base of each point, and in the butt inlays a beautiful pattern using both mother of pearl and abalone.

The veneers show great color - black, green, brown and natural maple.  The points are long and perfectly aligned.  The beauty of using holly is that it is a natural material and has an organic look about it, much like ivory.

He uses a pretty ring pattern at the bottom and top of the butt sleeve, at the joint, on the shafts and on the matching joint protectors.

Just take a look at how pretty these veneers colors are.

They really show well against this robust, beautiful cocobolo wood.

The inlay pattern in the butt sleeve is fairly simple, and takes a back seat to the gorgeous cocobolo in this cue. 

For the handle, he wraps it with a very, very nice piece of black elephant ear.

As you would expect from a cuemaker with Bob's experience, the points are sharp and well-aligned.

One more good look at this very pretty stick.

As usual, he adds a nice set of matching cue caps in cocobolo, ebony and elforyn, with his attractive logo engraved on each.

The cue comes with two 13mm shafts of premium maple with Juma ferrules and Kamui medium tips.  He builds it with his steel 3/8X11 pin in a flat-faced joint.  It weighs 19.3 ounces and is 58 inches long.

Bob makes some of the best-looking cues on the market today, and they all play great.