Recollection Cues

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Bob Owen continues to build some of the prettiest sticks on the market.  Period.  His original designs, creative ring patterns and beautiful woods all converge, resulting in gorgeous cues that are built to play.

This cue is a six point design, using beautiful fired fiddleback maple for the nose and ebony for the points.  The points are outlined with six layers of gorgeous veneers.  The curly ring pattern in the maple is as good as I've ever seen anywhere.

The veneers are subtle, yet colorful.  He uses six layers of veneer - a combination of blacks, whites and red.  They look great on this cue that is built for performance, and designed to "take care of business."  His construction techniques and extremely tight tolerances makes his cues very solid with a great hit.

The butt sleeve is of pure black ebony with six beautiful windows of Snake Juma (three large, three small).  Each window is framed with the same layers of veneers that are used in the points. 

I've never had a cue by Bob in which he has used the same ringwork twice.  Every cue shows his high level of originality.  This one is typical, using ovals of green abalone wrapped in silver, all connected into one long silver chain.  Very classy!

Now that most cuemakers are moving away from building with ivory, the industry is coming up with various types of ivory-substitute materials.  "Snake Juma" is one of the newest, and perhaps the prettiest.  You can see why in these windows.  It has a snakeskin-like texture that quickly becomes one of the highlights of any cue.

He uses this same Juma for the butt cap.

If you've seen any of Bob's cues here before, you know how much I like his boxes and how good he is at doing mitered corners.  Nobody does them better.  Sometimes it's hard to find this veneer lines even with a magnifying glass.

I love this fiddleback maple.  When you move the cue in your hands, it just comes to life.  And the colorful veneers do the perfect job in providing just the right accent while separating the ebony points from the maple.

He completes the handle of this cue with a nice piece of black elephant ear wrap.  (The nice thing about elephant ear is that it improves with time, as it softens and gets more comfortable, absorbing the natural oils of your hands.)

He uses the same Snake Juma in the joint, building in a flat-faced wood-to-wood configuration with his standard 3/8X11 thread with a solid brass pin.

He signs and dates the cue between the points under the finish.

Bob treats and prepares many of his own woods.  The firing technique used with this maple to draw out the natural curliness of the wood is fantastic. 

As with all of Bob's higher-end cues, he builds a very nice set of matching joint protectors, all with Snake Juma, maple, ebony and matching rings.  The butt protector has his logo engraved, and the two shaft protectors have a "1" and a "2" engraved, so that it's easy to differentiate your shafts for playing. 

In addition to all the beauty and fine details in this stick, it is built to play.  Owen cues are known for their playability.  They have a nice stiff hit with a very friendly soft touch.  Perfect for playing your best!
This one comes with two 13mm shafts, with top quality hard maple, Juma ferrules and Precision S layered tips in medium hardness.  It weighs 19.0 ounces.  Everything about this stick cries "Play me!"