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Here is another gorgeous cue by Bob Owen.  Although it is not his "fanciest", it is certainly one of his classiest.  The resonant, golden amboyna burl with ebony points and butt sleeve, and the sharp inlays just reek of pure class.

This is a classic four point design that's been built thousands of times ... but never quite like this, and very seldom quite so nice.  The burl wood in the forearm and butt sleeve is rich, subtle and highly figured; most of all, it's just beautiful.

As with all Owen cues, this one plays just as beautifully as it looks.  It has a nice, soft, quiet hit - pleasingly stiff, yet lively.  The weight and balance are perfect.

He uses heavy black and bleached white veneers that really stand out - they almost look three-dimensional.  They draw the perfect contrast between the ebony and burl.

His points are long, perfectly matched in length, and come to such a sharp point that you almost have to imagine where they end.

As one more dramatic addition to the look and playability of this stick he uses a black elephant ear wrap.  It looks great, feels good in the hand, and is expertly applied, appearing almost to be seamless.

The mitered corners in his windows are as good as this hand-made skill can make them.  I don't know his secret, but it takes a magnifying glass to find the cuts in most of the corners, and some you can't find even with the glass.

I don't quite know how to describe the small inlay pattern he uses in this stick, but it resembles a torch.  In the top of each he has a small burl wood inlay.  In the butt sleeve inlay he does this three times.  Very delicate, and very classy.

As nice as everything about this cue is, I think the rings may be the single most attractive element.  Each ring is composed of a series of small ovals and circles, each inlaid with small pieces of Paui shell abalone.  These rings take a tremendous amount of hand work.  They are not simply slot rings that are made in a long dowel and then sliced off to create simple and quick rings.  Each of these requires many muliple cuts and hand inlays.  On this cue there are ten sets of rings.  (Most cuemakers would charge $150-200 per ring for rings of this quality.)

Just take a look at the smoky, swirly burl in this wood!  It almost looks alive.

There is great detail throughout this cue, all meticulously done.

As usual, he subtly signs and dates this stick under the finish.

He builds this one with a 3/8 X 11 G10 resin pin for maximum durability and great play.  It comes with two 13 mm shafts of premium maple with Juma ferrules and Moori medium tips.
It weighs  19.0 ounces.

It also comes with a very classy set of all white elforyn joint protectors with matching ringwork.  The butt cap has the Owen logo engraved, and the two shaft caps are engraved "1" and "2" to differentiate between the shafts.