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As always, here is another perfect cue from the Nitti shop.  This one is a basic merry widow design, made special by his selection of woods and fancy rings.  The nose and butt sleeve are made from curly purpleheart, and Chris told me this may be the best piece of purpleheart he's ever used in a cue.  The handle is from deep black Gabon ebony.

It's rare to find such high quality wood in a cue in this price range.  Usually cuemakers reserve such fine pieces for their higher-end work.  This purpleheart is very pretty, with a grain that looks like it should be in a nice piece of curly maple rather than purpleheart - very unusual.  And the ebony is as black as it can be.  lf you examine it closely under very good light, you can find just enough grain in it to know that's it really wood.

To complete the final touches to this cue, and add to its beauty, he adds fancy rings that really finish it off.  Again, it's rare to see someone pay such attention to detail and go the extra mile in a simple, merry widow design.  This cue is simplicity dressed up for the theatre.

He builds it with a Hoppe-style butt cap with an elforyn ring.  It's an age-proven design that always looks good.

I love the rings in this stick.  The little veneer blocks in each ring add color and perfectly accentuate the rest of the cue.

As usual, he signs and dates it under the finish - in this case, just above the butt cap.

The picture above shows the quality of the ebony in the handle.  For someone who prefers a simply designed cue in a wrapless design - with a touch of class - this cue is a good choice.  And the best thing is that it's a Nitti, and hits like a Nitti - which is always good.

He adds an elforyn joint which again adds to the perfect look and design of this traditional cue.

In an effort to keep the cost of this cue low, he built it with only one shaft.  It's still not cheap - the quality of the wood and the fancy rings all come at a cost - but I think it's still reasonable at $1150 plus shipping.  This is a nice cue by a top cuemaker and it is an excellent playing cue.

The shaft is 13mm with a melamine ferrule and a layered medium Wizard tip.  It weighs 18.85 ounces.