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There's always something about Nitti cues that make them look a little special.  I don't know if it's the finish, or the simplicity of his designs, but they always look just a bit classier than you expect them to.  This cue typifies that.

His sticks are always great players, and I believe his cues have one of the most consistent hits.  They always hit the same, and they always hit good.  In this one, he uses a beautiful piece of canarywood for the forearm and butt sleeve, and it's a very pretty and classy cue.

This canarywood is gorgeous.  It has distinctive grain with lots of figure and makes a beautiful, eye-catching cue.

Canarywood is a beautiful exotic wood from South America that is typically yellow to orange in color and variegated with light to dark red streaking.  It is easy to work and finishes smoothly and to a high luster.  It is a hard, heavy and strong wood.

To accentuate the beautiful wood, he adds his traditional black and white checked ring pattern at all locations - above the butt cap, below and above the wrap, at the joint and on the ring collars of the shafts.

As usual, he signs and dates the stick under the finish in an unobtrusive spot - this time in the nose just above the wrap.

He adds a linen wrap in black with white specs.  It looks great on this stick.

He builds this with his traditional flat-faced joint with a stainless steel radial pin which will insure you get the great hit his cues are known for.

It comes with two 13mm shafts with melamine ferrules with layered Wizard medium tips.  The rings are from elforyn.  There is no ivory in this cue.  
It weighs 18.5 ounces.