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Here is another very pretty cue from Chris Nitti.  It's a simple design, with no inlays - just beautiful woods, classy rings and pretty matching joint protectors.   Best of all, it's a Nitti, and plays like one.  He makes one of the best hitting cues in the market.

This is actually an ebony cue, with an ebony nose and butt sleeve, but has so much figured bubinga in it that it could be called an ebony and bubinga cue.  The handle, butt cap and joint are all made from this gorgeous bubinga.

The handle is segmented into three parts, separated by ebony rings.  At the top and bottom the handle is separated from the ebony nose and butt sleeve by his traditional check rings.

He repeats the use of the white check rings just above the butt cap, at the joint, on the shaft collars and on the custom joint protectors.

This is very pretty bubinga - nicely figured and a deep rich brown with just a hint of red.

All in all, a very classy cue.

These joint protectors really add to the presentation of this stick.  When it starts to come out of the case, you know you're about to see something special.  This stick is truly a case of form meeting function.  A great-hitting cue that is very pretty ... and just looks like it means business.

I really like the way he did the butt cap and joint out of the same wood as the handle.  It's a great look.

As with all Nittis, he builds it with a stainless steel radial pin.  This insures that it will have the same great hit as all his cues ... he never varies his methods of construction.

This stick comes with the custom joint protectors (a $400 value), two 13mm shafts with melamine ferrules and Wizard medium tips.  It weighs 19.3 ounces.  This is a great playing cue, and one that anyone will be proud to own.
PRICE:  $1475 Plus Shipping