Recollection Cues

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Chris Nitti has been making great playing cues for many years now and he's one of the best.  I like being a dealer for him, because when I get his cues I always know they'll be perfect.  No imperfections escape from his shop.  His cues all play almost exactly alike, and they all play good.

This cue is a classic four point design with four windows in the butt sleeve.  The wood in it is a gorgeous piece of Red Mallee Burl.  It's a rich reddish,brown burl with great figure.  This is a wood that is native to Australia.  It's considered to be dense and durable, and is often used in the making of fine, handmade bowls and boxes, knives and other fine handmade pieces.  

The points and windows are dark, black ebony, all framed with four layers of gray, thin black (probably black paper), blue and heavier black.  Blue is predominant color, as it stands out from the darker colors that surround it.

At the base of each point and within each ebony window is an elongated diamond, each made up of six separate pieces of white elforyn, all framed with individual pieces of blue veneer.  Keep in mind as you look at this cue closely that Chris only uses a pantagraph machine - no CNC work.  Each of the small pieces is put in by hand, cutting pockets and small pieces over and over to create the overall effect.

He uses his traditional ring pattern above the butt cap, below and above the wrap, at the joint, and on the ring collar of each shaft.  Each ring is made up of individual pieces of elforyn and ebony framed between thin rings of elforyn.

The points in this cue area about as perfect as they can be - long, sharp and perfectly aligned.  And not just at the tips, also at the ends of each veneers within each point.  It's no surprise, though.  It's the kind of work we've come to expect out of the Nitti shop.

He adds a white elforyn butt cap and joint which are perfect highlights on this stick. Then, as a final touch, puts on a black textured leather wrap that is not only pretty but adds to the feel of the cue when playing.  (I just had to spin the cue in my hand about five times to find any trace of seam, and I'm still not sure I found it.)

This cue comes with two 13mm shafts of premium maple with melamine ferrules and layered Wizard medium tips.  It weighs 19.25 ounces.