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Here is a real find.  It's a 2009 cue by Chris Nitti, custom built with beautiful amboyna burl, ebony and lots of ivory.  It's in almost new condition, and it's a beauty.

The butt sleeve is ebony, with four stylized ivory diamonds with small amboyna dots, and four amboyna barbells with ivory ends.

It's a classic eight point design, with four long ebony points and four shorter "shadow" points of pure ivory.  Each of the ebony points is beautifully veneered with four layers of veneer, two black and two natural maple.

The ivory shadow points are lined with a single black veneer, a really classy look.

He uses the same ring pattern throughout, athe top and bottom of the butt sleeve, above the wrap, at the joint, on the ring collars of the shafts and on the joint protectors.  He uses two silver rings with long dashes of ivory and short pieces of the same black and maple veneer used to frame the points.

As you would expect with any cue from Chris Nitti, the points all come to razor sharp ends and are very even.  The inlays are distinct and very sharp.  Great work from one of the great masters.  And again, as you would expect, this cue plays exceptionally well - like all Nittis.

This veneer pattern is outstanding - it frames these point perfectly against the deep toned amboyna burl nose.

The wrap is a nice textured black leather.  The butt cap (like everything else that's white in this stick) is creamy white ivory.

This cue has three shafts, all with matching ringwork and joint protectors, and all built by Chris.  Two are his traditional pure hard maple shafts, with ivory ferrules.  The third is a Predator low-deflection shaft which was supplied to Chris by the original owner and built to match the cue.  It has a short, non-ivory ferrule.   The Nitti shafts have medium Moori tips.  I don't know what the Predator has.

He built very pretty amboyna burl and ivory joint protectors for the butt and for all three shafts.  They complete this gorgeous package.

The joint is solid ivory, with the stainless steel radial pin that Chris always uses.

This stick weighs 19.4 ounces.   The two Nitti shafts are a full 13 mm;  the Predator is 12.6.  One Nitti shaft has never been played at all.  The other is very, very lightly played and hardly shows it at all.  The predator shafts shows a little wear, but is still in excellent shape.  Considering it would be impossible to have this stick made today with ivory, this is an unusual opportunity.

Note:  This cue is signed between the points by Chris (Nitti 2009-22).  It is very small and doesn't show up in the pictures.)