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Anyone who visits this website regularly knows how much I like the cues made by Chris Nitti.  They consistently hit extremely well, and his work is always meticulous and about as close to being perfect as a cuemaker can achieve.

This stick is basically an "ebony on ebony" design, with ebony points going into an ebony nose, and with an ebony butt sleeve.  It has "flame" veneer colors, which really brighten up all the ebony and give it a look of distinction.

Chris uses a lot of geometric patterns in his sticks, and because of the shape and look of this inlay design, I like to call it his "Lost In Space" design.  With just a little imagination you can see the space ship with the stars in the background.  (Interestingly, Chris wasn't trying to achieve this "space theme" when he started.  He was just using his split diamond inlay pattern, and when it was finished he realized what it looked like.)  Regardless what you see, it's a great design.

He uses his favorite check rings in this cue, utilizing the same colors as the veneers.  Then, he places them above the butt cap, below and above the wrap, at the joint and on the ring collars of the shafts.

He built this one with an elforyn butt cap and matching joint.  The white at the base and top of this cue really frame the ebony body.

Pay special attention to the small silver dots - six of them around each of the "flying saucers."  I like to think of them as stars, and although they are very small and delicate, they really provide highlights for this pretty cue.

The "stars" and the "flying saucer" are all contrasted against the black, ebony night sky.

He also adds large white dots between each box.

He completes this stick with a gorgeous piece of black Spanish bull leather.  It has great texture and looks perfect.

As usual, he signs, dates and numbers this cue.  This time, on the butt cap under the finish.

This cue comes with two 13mm shafts of Chris' premium maple, with melamine ferrules and Wizard medium tips.  It weighs a surprisingly light 18.3 ounces, considering it's all ebony. (It can be made heavier with the addition of a weight bolt.) As usual, he builds it with a stainless steel radial pin and with a flat faced joint.  This is a beautiful stick that will play "lights out."