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Here is a classic Ernie Gutierrez design, a variation on his old Model 14D, in snakewood and maple with fine silver veneers and lots of extras.  This one, from a private collection, has spent almost all of its life in a safe, so although it was built in 1990, it shows little sign of play.

This particular design has always been one of my favorite Ginacues.  He makes it in many different versions, varying his choice of woods and veneers, but it is always an exquisite cue.  This one is loaded up with lots of options, including silver veneers, an ivory joint and butt cap, Ernie's old style ivory rings, leather wrap, special joint protectors and ... wait for it ... FOUR original Ginacue shafts, all with matching joint protectors.

As with a lot of Ernie's designs, he makes this one with or without silver veneers.  They usually run the cost of the cue up by about $1800, but when you see this cue next to one without the silver, you know why people will pay for them.  They make a beautiful cue into a special cue without comparison.

This is an eight pointer - four short and four long in each direction.  Here is how Ernie described the design of this cue in one of his old brochures:

"Rock hard bird's eye maple in both forearm and butt with 4 highly figured snakewood prongs alternating with 4 creamy white ivory inlays.  The snakewood prongs and the ivory inlays are framed in 3 tiers of pure silver, ivory and ebony.  The design is further accentuated with beauty rings of alternating squares of pure silver, snakewood and ivory.  This cue contains approximately 550 pieces."

Ernie has made the same ring pattern on a lot of his cues for many years ("alternating squares of snakewood, ivory and maple").  However, over the last ten to fifteen years he got away from building the old style rings with two very thin ivory rings on each side of a silver ring, on each side of the squares.  His more modern cues have simply a silver ring on each side of the squares.  As his cues progressed through the years, he didn't like building the old style rings because they were very difficult to build with the ivory being so thin.  So, on more recent cues he started charging an $800 premium for the old style with double ivory on each side.  So, it's nice to see them on this cue.

One of the special things about Ginacues is the great hit.  They hit like a torpedo, solid and firm, explosive, with outstanding feedback.  And because of the consistent good quality of all Ernie's woods, especially the rock hard maple noses and the tight count grained shafts, they all hit beautifully.

This stick comes with four original Ginacue shafts, all with matching joint protectors.  Because the shafts and matching joint protectors are so identical, I assume they were all made at the same time as the butt, although it makes no difference.  Two of the shafts are unplayed and two show very, very slight blueing from minimal play.  Three are dead straight; one has a very minor wobble that you wouldn't notice if I didn't mention it.  (The butt itself is dead straight as well.)  All are about 13 mm.  They all have ivory ferrules.

As shown in the pictures, this cue has a great set of special Ginacue joint protectors.  They are all made from ivory and matching snakewood.

One of the unique things about this cue is that Ernie's identification number is engraved not down inside the joint as with most of his cues, but on the rim of the ivory joint itself.  The "I" signifies ivory.  The rest identifies the specific cue and date it was made:  1990.

Ernie traditionally uses black leather unless the buyer requests a different color.  The owner of this one made a good choice with the chocolate brown.  It complements the snakewood and looks great on this stick.

As usual, Ernie engraves his Gina logo in the ivory butt cap.  The word "Ginacue" is also engraved inside the joint in the ivory.

He built this one with his standard piloted joint with his 5/16 X 18 stainless steel pin.  It is his tried and true joint that has contributed to making Ernie's cues the benchmark for how cues should hit for more than fifty years.  It weighs between 19.4 and 19.7 ounces depending on which shaft is being used.  (The shafts vary from 4.0-4.3 ounces.)

This is a gorgeous cue and a unique opportunity to get one of Ernie's classic designs in all its magnificence, with all the special add-ons - a cue that is almost 30 years old but is still in excellent, nearly new condition.  I won't try to say this cue is "like new", but it is certainly in unbelievable condition for its age.  I would put it at 95% or better.  There are no dings, dents or scratches anywhere and the finish is still excellent, along with the wrap.  
With all the special add-ons that come built into this cue, and with the four shafts and special joint protectors, this cue is a special buy.