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This cue is a real show-stopper.  In my 40 years of collecting, buying and selling cues, I deem this one of the "monsters" of all time.  Just a quick glance at the pictures will tell you why.

Here is a truly magnificent cue from one of todays premier cue makers.  The amount of work alone in this cue makes it incredible, but a closer look reveals detailed, meticulous and tight work that is seldom seen.

This is a dazzling cue that can compete with the very, very best.  And the fact that it comes with possibly the fanciest extension ever made makes it even more astounding.

Colorful, and loaded up with enough inlay work to get serious attention from even the most discriminating collector.

And, of course, a cue this nice should come with a matching extension that can hold its own.  This one definitely has it.  I don't mind going out on a limb and say that this is the prettiest extension ever made ... anywhere.

Even the extension has its own fancy joint protector.

A few more pics of the beautiful and complex work in the nose of this world-class cue.  Just look at the veneer work, all outlined in silver.

The butt is equally impressive.  And the rings ... some of the prettiest I've ever seen.

A very interesting twist in the design of this cue is how the four points are configured.  Each pair "lean" in toward each other, so you end up with a truly unique design of two pairs of points, each coming together at the top and leaving a wide field of ebony between each twosome.  I can't think of another cue that has utilized this type of design.  It's a little "mind-boggling."

A close look at the ring work, silver work and meticulous veneer work.

A few more pics - joint protectors all around, a flat-faced joint with a titanium radial pin, and more of the gorgeous ringwork.

Beautiful joint caps!

An extra ringset in the middle of the wrap, creating a split wrapped handle.

As with all North Demons, it comes fitted for an extension, whether it be the "show" extension, or a generic extension.

And a few more pictures of this world-class show-stopper.  It's hard to quit taking more shots!  A truly spectacular cue.