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Here is another merry widow style cue from North Demon, built from two beautiful pieces of wood - the butt sleeve and nose from rosewood, and the handle from sapelle.

And of course, as with almost all of Cheng's cues, it incorporates some of the prettiest inlaid ring work you'll see anywhere.  These are made with inlaid silver and dots of abalone.

For contrast, he adds  a white elforyn joint and butt cap.

The sapelle in this handle is absolutely gorgeous.  And of course, North Demon's excellent finish helps its appearance as well.  The contrast between the rosewood and sapelle is perfect.

The rosewood is a rich, deep color that looks almost like purpleheart at a glance, but has prettier grain.  Rosewood is the choice of many cuemakers as the wood they like best for creating a great "hit" in their sticks.

The rings are used in five places - above the butt cap, below and above the handle, at the joint, and on the ring collar of the shaft.  They really  dress up this traditionally classic design.

Great woods, great rings, great fit and finish.

A few more pictures of the this very pretty stick.

This stick weighs 17.4 ounces, and comes with a complete set of North Demon weight bolts so the weight can be increased so that it is just right for you.  It is 58 inches long, and like all North Demons, it is fitted with a receiver to accept an externsion.

This is a great playing cue that will make any owner proud.  It plays as good as it looks.  (For more details on North Demon's merry widow cues in general, go back to the Index page and click on the "About North Demon Merry Widows.")