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Although well-known for his higher end, elaborate cues, even his more moderately priced sticks have touches of the ornate.  Here is a basic merry widow style, dressed up with a few of his beautiful rings, some gorgeous wood and a classy black lizard wrap.

It's made from a premium piece of cocobolo, and made with a black lizard segmented wrap.  To top it off, it has some of North Demon's sharpest looking rings.

The quality of the cocobolo is outstanding, with great color, figure and grain.

He does a number of different style rings, and I try to order the ones I like best.  This design is one of my favorites, made from both silver and copper.

The cocobolo throughout this cues is of the highest quality.

I'm very happy to have some of his lower-priced cues so that they can be afforded by more people.  These cues are made to play, and you have to use them to fully appreciate them.  He spends so much time fine-tuning his shafts - one by one - until they meet his tolerances.  They are made from the highest quality maple, and are tapered somewhat stiff to keep deflection to a minimum.  I think they compare favorable on this score with carbon fiber shafts, but you still get the sought-after feeling and sound of real wood.

He wraps this cue with one of the prettiest pieces of black lizard I've seen.  It is great looking.  And, he puts one of his rings in the middle for the segmented look.

A closer look at these classy rings.

A couple more looks at the pretty cocobolo.

He uses the ringwork six times - below and above the butt sleeve, in the middle of the wrap, at the top of the wrap, at the joint and on the ring collar of the shaft.

He builds it with an elforyn joint and butt cap, with his North Demon logo engraved on the cap.  It's made with a titanium radial pin in a flat-faced joint.

It comes with one 13mm shaft, made with an elforyn ferrule and his own proprietary layered tip.  It is 58 inches long and weighs 17.4 ounces without a weight bolt.  Each of his cues comes with a special box of customized weight bolts, allowing the cue to be made heavier in various weights.

It also is built with a female thread (through the bumper) to accept a generic extension (such as the ones made by Predator, etc.).

This is a beautiful cue that will make a tremendous playing cue for a happy buyer.


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