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Like all the merry widow cues I've seen from Cheng, this one is dressed up for a night out.  In this case, it is the result of the use of his beautiful rings, and the addition of a superb piece of bicote.

Like all his merry widows, this one has a classy look, and the bicote is outstanding.  I'm always a fan of bicote, and have seen a lot of it, but this is one of the nicest pieces I've ever seen.  The color and grain in it is consistently good throughout, but there is one section he nicely centered in the forearm that is a real knockout.  This section is knotted, and almost looks like something out of an old lava lamp from the 60s.

This bicote has it all - figure, straight grain, burl and knots, and all with great color.

As usual, Cheng adds beautiful ringwork to supplement the looks of the stick.  In this case they're made of intricately inlaid pieces of silver and copper.  He uses them above the butt cap, below and above the handle, in an extra ring within the handle, at the joint and on the ring collar of the shaft.

The curly maple handle - segmented into two pieces by a ring - also has great figure and character.  It really contrasts well with the richness of the bicote color.

These rings are beautiful.  Here's a couple more views, along with a close-up.

And some more close-ups of the bicote...

Truly a magnificent piece of wood.

Like all his merry widows, it is built with a titanium radial pin in a flat-faced Juma joint.  And like all his cues, it is built with a female thread in the butt cap to accomodate an extension.  It weighs 16.4 ounces as shown, and comes with a complete set of weight bolts so you can make it weigh exactly what you want.  It comes with one shaft with a Juma ferrule and one of his proprietary North Demon green layered tips, and is 58 inches long.  The North Demon logo is engraved on the elforyn butt cap.

PRICE:  $2150 plus shipping

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