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Here is another terrific merry widow style cue from North Demon.  Known for his extremely ornate and high-end sticks, I've been trying to get some less expensive, player level cues.  The quality of his work, his excellent selection of woods, and his great designs, along with some of the most appealing ring patterns you'll see anywhere, all combine to result in outstanding cues, no matter what the price range.

Even the packaging of his sticks is special.  Each cue comes in its own box, with a North Demon polishing cloth, an extra proprietary ND tip, a piece of ND chalk, and even an embroidered ND jacket or case patch.

This stick is made from a luscious piece of cocobolo, with a beautiful curly maple handle.  The handle is a two-piece, split in the middle by a stunning silver and copper ring.

There are a lot of details I could mention here about this cue, but many of these details apply to all North Demons.  So, rather than take a lot of time and space to reiterate all these details on every page, I'm encouraging you to read the general  page on North Demons, or some of the other pages on this site on other North Demon cues.

The woods in this cue are superb.  The cocobolo is a bold reddish-brown with lots of figure, and the maple is very curly, and shows well in the two-piece handle.

The ring pattern he uses in the wide ebony ring in the middle of the handle is wider, using both silver and copper, and also utilizes several abalone diamonds framed in silver. 

The other ring he uses above the butt cap, below and above the handle, at the joint and on the ebony collar of the shaft.

He builds it with a white elforyn butt cap and joint.
And below, more pics of the flawless cue.

As with all his sticks, it is built with a Titanium radial pin in a flat-faced joint.

It comes with one premium maple shaft with a Juma ferrules and one of the North Demon tips, in medium hardness.  It weighs 18.4 ounces (14.8 & 3.6) and is 58 inches long.  However, each ND cue comes with a complete set of weight bolts for fine-tuning the cue to your desired weight and balance.  And, like all his sticks, it comes fitted with an extension bolt in the butt to accommodate a Predator or other generic extension.

Cheng's shafts are very, very low deflection.  They have an extremely solid and crisp hit, and I would put them up against any of the CF shafts with regard to amount of deflection.  His shafts are extremely popular in China, and many of the top Chinese players are using them.  He spends a lot of time fine-tuning each shaft to meet his own high standards.