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Merry Widow Cues ...

I'm happy to be able to offer some moderately priced "merry widow" style cues from one of the best cue makers in the world, North Demon.  Although known for his exquisite and sometime, very expensive, fancy cues, these cues are made to the same high standards, and are very strong players.
All of his merry widows are made with one premium maple shaft, fine-tuned by hand by Cheng himself to meet his high standards.  Each one is tailored for the specific cue, and because of their stiff taper, are very low deflection.  On that score, I think they are very close, or perhaps better than the new carbon fiber shafts that are built specifically to eliminate deflection.  However, with his shafts you get the added benefit of the great traditional feeling of wood, and no unusual sound.

These are great playing cues, with a soft, firm hit.  They are very well balanced, feel good, and sound good.

One of the special things about North Demon is the superb inlay work.  With these merry widow cues, the inlay work is in the rings.  He has a number of different patterns, and they're all beautiful.

He keeps these merry widows light, but each cue comes with a special set of weight bolts which can be interchanged to increase the playing weight of the cue to the owner's taste.  The bolts go from .1 ounce to  .6 ounces, and they can be stacked to achieve your perfect weight. 

Every North Demon merry widow cue comes with an insert to accomodate an extension.  Many of the generic extensions being sold by Predator and other makers fit the North Demons.

The construction of his shafts deserves extra comment.  Cheng fine-tunes each of his shafts individually on his lathe.  He spins them at high speed to keep his tolerances very tight, and his taper greatly reduces deflection.  It is a conical taper that starts with the ferrule itself, and results in a fairly stiff hit that keeps deflection to a minimum, comparable to what you get with a carbon fiber shaft, but with the real feel of wood.

All his cues come packaged in a special box, along with and extra one of his proprietary North Demon layered tips, a piece of North Demon chalk, an embroidered patch, and a special cleaning cloth. (The picture below is of a higher-end cue, but the merry widows are packaged the same way.)

For the individual details on each of these sticks, go back to the Index page and click on each of the different merry widows.  He uses some gorgeous woods and ring combinations, and each one is different.  These cues are in stock right now.