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Here is another spectacular cue from Cheng at North Demon.  When he decides to build a high-end cue, he pulls out all the stops.  This one, built primarily from pink ivorywood and ebony, is a world-class example of what a top cue maker can build today. 

I want to get straight to the specifics of this cue, and not spend a lot of time taking about Cheng and his technical skills, his artistic aptitude and his work ethic.  I encourage you to read my comments about him on other North Demon cues, as much of that applies here as well.  Let me just summarize by saying he is in top tier of the finest cue makers in the world and building stunning cues that have raised the bar in the industry.

Begin your examination of this stick by looking at the exquisite inlay work in silver and brass in the butt sleeve.  It is a captivating design, meticulously built, with intricate inlay work, challenging the best in this industry to keep up.

And as usual with his designs, he carries the concept he creates in the butt sleeve on into the forearm of the cue, recreating the design in a slightly different form just above the handle, as he transitions into the nose of the cue.

He delicately places small diamonds of Abalone shell at key points in the ornate inlaid pattern.  They add even more detail to this delightful pattern.

Then, to totally tie the butt sleeve and forearm together, he builds in a segmented handle, using delicate inlaid ringwork, again in silver and brass, which perfectly complements the inlay work throughout the rest of the cue.

He also adds a complex scalloped butt cap of white Juma with small spear heads, all framed in delicate silver veneer.

The forearm of this stick is so complex that it's difficult to describe in words, so I'm glad I have good pictures to help.  Starting with a gorgeous piece of pink ivorywood, with stunning, bright color, he builds a very complicated eight-point design.  The points start with ebony, and are thickly veneered in black ebony, yellow heart wood, and Borneo rosewood.

It's difficult to even get your eye to follow the complexity of this design.  It's almost like a puzzle. 

In the base of each point he inlays a sort of "floating" point of silver, outlined heavily with white Juma.  It's almost as if you have a second set of points.

Finally, to add even more complexity to this design, he decided he wanted the yellow heart to show more prominently.  So, he begins the yellow veneer at a small width and gradually widens it as it goes up, eventually making the yellow area much larger and wider at the top.  It's a very unusual technique.

He uses a flat black elephant ear wrap for the handle.

Above is a closer look of the ornate ring pattern used throughout the cue.  All of it is inlaid with silver and brass. And again, look how he places minutes bits of Abalone in the rings to add an extra sparkle.

To to the right, a good look at the yellow heart veneers and how they get wider as they move up the cue.

A closer look at the ornate butt cap.

The color in this pink ivorywood is as good as it gets.

He isn't stingy with the use of the ultra-fancy rings.  He uses them five times in the butt, twice in the shafts, and once again in the joint protector for the butt.

One more look at the base of the forearm...

He builds a matching set of joint caps, all with the luscious North Demon logo on the tops.  It comes with two of his premium high performance, low deflection maple shafts, with his unique taper, starting with the ferulles at the tips.  They are full, about 13mm.

As always, he uses a titanium alloy radial pin in a flat-faced joint - wood, sleeved with Juma.  It weighs 18.0 ounces (14.4, 3.5, 3.6), and comes with a complete set of interchangeable weight bolts to make it heavier if desired.

This is a highly playable and collectible cue.  It is one of the cues by North Demon that is setting the standard for the ultimate in fancy sticks.  If interested, PLEASE EMAIL FOR PRICE.