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North Demon cues are made in China by Mr. Cheng Yong, and very few have been made available in the U.S. until now.   However, for some time they have occasionally been shown on Facebook, so some people are already aware of them, and have been in awe with their intricacy, workmanship and beauty.  We are proud to be the dealer for these cues here in the U.S.  (For more details on these fine playing instruments, please refer to the "Overview and Background page.)

This cue, built in tribute to the ancient mythological bird, the Phoenix, symbolizes unlimited power.  It was said to be immortal, and could recycle its life by self-igniting, burning to ashes, and then regenerating itself for a new life.  They were said to be the most powerful and durable of all the supernatural creatures, and impossible to kill.  They had the "incinerator" touch, and could ignite anything or anyone they touched.  They represented power, resurgence and resurrection - fitting characteristics we'd like to think a cue could bring out in our pool game.  Superstition or not, this cue presents a powerful and bold image.

This cue is made primarily from premium, rich black ebony, with rings and designs made from intricately inlaid pieces of silver and copper.  It has a two-piece segmented wrap of black elephant with brown highlights, separated by a wide ring of ebony, again inlaid with silver and copper.  The points are built with long veneers of silver and copper.  It comes with ebony joint protectors with matching inlay work.

The veneers that form the points are made from two layers of silver and one of copper.  Each veneer is one continuous piece which goes up and down, bridges at the bottom of each point to the next, and then up the next point, and so on.  I'm not sure how he does it, but it is amazing technology and amazing work.

Rotate the cue 90 degrees and you see a different inlay pattern in the butt between the opposing Phoenixes - somewhat of a stylized ying and yang pattern.  The intricacy of these inlay patterns is mind-blowing.  There are only a few cue makers in the world capable of this meticulous work.

A couple of close-ups of the "Phoenix."

And more close-ups of the butt sleeve ... sheer elegance.

The forearm of this cue is almost too good to be true, but seeing is believing!

This cue represents what I mean when I say a "coherent" design.  The butt sleeve and forearm go together, and each complements the other. 

The handle area is unique.  It is a two-part segmented handle of black elephant hide with natural brown highlights ... barely visible, but adding to the character of the wrap.

He uses the unique ring pattern at the joint as well, on the cue and on the shaft collars.  He uses a series of silver and copper leafs intertwined to form a continuous ring.  It is built with a flat-faced wood-to-wood joint with a radial pin.

Cheng has his own tips made to his specifications, which are layered and dyed green.  They look great on the cue - just another detail to which he pays special attention.  The tip on the cue is a medium, but plays a bit harder.

He builds special matching joint protectors of ebony, with the silver and copper inlaid into the pin protector.  On the top of each he engraves the North Demon name along with the date of build.

Each cue is fitted with a rubber bumper with a female thread to accept an extension.  It accepts the standard extension size made by Predator and others.  (By removing the bumper, you can change out the weight bolt to suit your own taste.  Each cue comes with a set of interchangeable bolts.)

Each cue comes in a beautiful custom fitted box, along with an extra tip and a piece of privately labelled chalk.  They also come with a set of interchangeable weight bolts.

This stick weighs 19.5 ounces with one shaft and 19.7 with the other.  (The butt weighs 15.7, the shafts 3.9 and 4.1.)  It is 58 inches long.  The shafts are 12.5 mm at the tip, but the ferrule grows to 12.8 where it meets the wood, and the taper is conical from there.  His shafts have very good strength and spin values, and are very, very low deflection.  Each is fine-tuned until he is satisfied.

This cue is sleek. subtle and sexy.  If it were a car, I'd be referring to it as a Ferrari.  Everything about it reeks of pure class.  North Demon cues are very difficult to obtain, especially here in the U.S., so here is a chance to buy a unique and beautiful stick that plays as good as it looks.