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Cheng at North Demon makes a wide range of cues, from merry widows up to some of the fanciest cues ever made.  I appreciate that in spite of his huge success with high end cues, he still makes a good number of very affordable player cues.  Here's a great example of one.

Since I have a section on the website about North Demon cues in general, and lots of comments about some of his other cues, I'm not going to repeat it all here.  But please go to other pages about North Demon cues to learn all you can about his process and his meticulous work.  Much of what I've said about his other cues applies to this stick, as he doesn't compromise his process on cues in any of the price ranges.

Many of our customers have been watching and waiting for some choices in this price range from North Demon.  Here's a good option - an eight point design in ebony and mahogany burl, and as usual with the "Demons", some very nice, fancy inlaid rings.

Of course, one more important feature of this stick is that it is wrapless.  Instead of traditional leather or linen, he opted to go with curly mahogany burl for the handle.  So if you prefer to play with a wrapless feel, this is definitely a viable option.

The mahogany in the handle is a bit darker than that in the points, and has a more curly quality than the burl in the points.

The rings are inlaid silver with small diamonds of abalone, each wrapped in thin silver veneer.

This ebony and mahogany really complement each other well.  The wood quality, as with all of the North Demons, is excellent.

These points are long, thin, sleek and even.  And the burl looks lavish against the black, ebony background.

Of course, in addition to the dazzling beauty of North Demon cues,  their playability is outstanding.  He makes some of the best shafts I've seen, with great strength, a stiff solid hit, and very low deflection.  I have compared them with the best carbon fiber shafts on the market, and I believe there is little difference in the amount of deflection, yet you still have the traditional feel and touch of a wood shaft.

The curly maple in the handles has excellent figure, and deep, honey-like color.

He uses the ring at the joint as well.

He uses the rings above the butt cap, above and below the handle, at the joint, and on the ring collar of the shaft.

Some additional views of the pretty wood in this cue.

This stick comes with one shaft, partially in an effort to keep the cost down.  His shafts are very expensive (about $700 for a single shaft with this quality ringwork).  The shaft is about 13mm with the special North Demon taper.  This stick weighs 17.9 oz. as is, without a weight bolt.  All of his cues come with a complete set of eight weight bolts so that you can adjust the cue to your own preferred weight.  It is 58 inches long. 
As with all North Demons, it comes pre-fitted with a female bolt for a generic extension, like the ones made by Predator.