Recollection Cues

Collectible Cues, Cases & Quality Players

(Aquarius, Libra and Gemini in stock)

North Demon Cues is making a series of twelve cues representing all the twelve signs of the Zodiac.   We have the first three, all available now. 

Each cue in this series is made from ebony with silver and copper inlays.  Each one is unique and one-of-a-kind, and represents one of the Zodiac signs.  As with all North Demon cues, they are meticulously built, expertly designed and superbly finished.  All the inlay work is done with silver and copper, and the precision is incredible.

In addition, each one is built with six points of Australian blue abalone, outlined in silver and copper.  In the butt sleeve of each is an elaborate inlay pattern of a symbol representing one of the Zodiac signs.  (Pictured below is the Libra and the Gemini.)

The forearm of each constellation cue is the same - four points of beautiful Australian blue abalone, wrapped in silver and copper veneers, all inlaid into a deep black ebony nose. 

If you closely examine the veneer work in this series of cues, you'll see that the points of the veneers - the tips themselves - are extremely sharp.  Most cuemakers either bend the veneer at the tip (not as sharp) or join the two veneers together leaving a seam.  His veneers are integrally formed from one piece of silver - no bend, no seam.  Moreover, all four veneers are from one continuous piece of silver and there is only one seam for all points, and it is hidden.

The butt sleeve of each of the Constellation cues is different and unique, each one carrying the symbol of its respective Zodian sign.  All the inlay is in copper and silver, and the rings are formed with copper and abalone.

The ring pattern is repeated at the joint on the nose of the cue and on the ring collars of the shafts.  It is then used one more time on the butt joint protector.  You'll note from the pictures that the ring pattern is unique to each cue in the series.  This is becausing the symbol in each ring that alternates with the copper ring inlaid with abalone is the Greek symbol that represents that particular Zodiac sign.

This cue comes together beautifully.  It comes across as subtle, classy and sophisticated.  Under a pool table light, it clearly shows the meticulous work and subtle design that sets the cue apart from other sticks.

The packaging and presentation of these cues is the best I've seen in this industry.  Each stick comes in a plastic-coated cardboard box with a flip-back magnetic lid.  The second shaft comes packed separately.  Inside is the cue, a special piece of North Demon's privately labeled chalk, and an extra North Demon layered tip.  Separately packaged is a complete set of interchangeable weight bolts.