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The "Pinnacle" as Jerry calls this cue, is one of his most elaborate and famous designs.  It's a design that has always been ahead of its time, and one of which he is most proud.  A quick look will tell you why.

This one is made from thuya burl and ebony, with lots of inlay work, and plenty of silver.  It all results in a stunning cue.

The design of this cue - from joint to butt cap - is very ornate.  And, it's difficult to describe.  I think this is one cue that almost defies describtion, so I'm not going to spend a lot of time trying, and will hope the pictures do the talking for me.

I bought this cue from a private collector who kept it new and unplayed.  It is in mint condition.

There are lots of details in this cue - white diamonds, silver diamonds, silver bars and veneers - that all contribute to its alluring look.  And trust me when I say this cue will get everyone's attention.

This stick has some of the most creative "points" of any cue I've seen.  It's a very inventive design.

Each of the points ends in a long, flowing double silver veneer, opening at the very end to support two white diamonds.

This is perhaps Jerry's boldest design.  It is resplendent with the two contrasting woods, and there is ample space for both the thuya burl and the ebony to shine at their best.

With the addition of the very complex inlay pattern where the points come together, made up of silver bars, and silver and white diamonds, this cue really sizzles.

As he often does, he separates the handle with two wide, white rings.  They always frame the wrap perfectly.

He builds it with his traditional 3/8X10 modified steel pin in his usual flat-faced wood to wood joint, ensuring the great, solid hit that all his cues bring.  It comes with two shafts of prime hard maple, built with his low deflection features, each measuring about 12.6 mm.  It weighs 19.0 or 19.1, depending on which shaft you use (one weighs 3.6, the other 3.7).  It is 58 inches long.

This cue is still unplayed and in mint condition.