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I am fortunate at this time to have TWO Venetians in stock.  This one is in classy dark ebony with a nose and butt sleeve of beautiful Thuya Burl, with white inlay in ivory.  The Venetian is one of Jerry's classic designs and has been one of his most popular.  And being an older cue, it has the good fortune of being built with sheer white, high quality ivory.

This design allows Jerry to showcase his special silver-work skills.  The long, thin, flowing silver veneers make this one of his most handsome and classy creations.

For many years Jerry's work has been highly sought after both here in the U.S. and abroad.  He works alone and is one of the small shop cuemakers who does the kind of work I am always looking for.  He makes a small number of cues each year (less than 20-25) and every single one gets his closest attention.  On top of that, Jerry is an excellent player and he knows how he expects a cue to hit.

This stick features the long, flowing lines of silver for which his cues are known.  And, it showcases his fine selection and assortment of top quality woods.  As usual, the ebony is black, black, black, and the Thuya Burl is rich in color and shows great figure.

As much as his cues are in demand in the U.S., they have always been even more so in Asia, particularly in Japan, Taiwan and China.  Because of this, there are even fewer of his cues here in the U.S. as you would expect.  And when you have one, it is quickly noticed.  They are easily identifiable, and it isn't unusual to have someone from across the room come to ask if it is indeed a McWorter, and to get a closer look.

Since I have another Venetian on the site right now, I'm going to keep my comments on this one brief.  You can read my comments on the one I have in amboyna burl and ebony on its respective page, and many of those will apply to this cue as well, except, of course, for the different woods.

As usual, he makes a joint protector for the butt in matching wood.  (This cue came from a private collection and is still unplayed.  However, there is a slight chipped edge on the joint cap, as I've tried to show in the picture.)

It is built with his 3/8 X 10 modified stainless steel pin, in a flat faced joint.

As with all of Jerry's cues, this one comes with two of his premium quality, low deflection maple shafts, both 13mm, with elforyn ferrules and Kamui medium tips.  It is 58 inches long and weighs 19.5 ounces.  (Butt 15.65, shafts 3.85.) 

This is a classy, beautiful stick that plays as good as it looks.  (I think Jerry's sticks are extremely well priced for the amount of work in them, the quality of their play, and in this case, all the ivory.)

NOTE:  I have 8 inch extensions available for McWorter cues (made by Jerry) at a cost of $300.