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Here is a new design from Jerry McWorter that shows why his cues continue to be at the top of everyone's "got to have" list.  It is a striking new design that demonstrates why his sticks are among the most artistic creations in the cue world.

For the most part, this is an ebony cue with gold mallee burl and silver highlights.  But to stop the description there would be a mistake.  It is an ebony cue for sure, but the burl inlays and long silver twists and swirls make it something very special.

Jerry has a reputation for doing some of the finest and most elaborate silver work in this industry.  He is known for his long filaments of thin silver that wind their way around and through his designs, flawlessly outlining and highlighting his woods.  But with Jerry's cues, the silver isn't just a highlight - they are an integral part of the overall design.

This cue is a bit of a mind-bender - at times it appears to be a burl cue with ebony, and an instant later looks like and ebony cue with burl.

This design is really difficult to describe, so I'll let the pictures do their job of depicting the true beauty of this cue.

As usual, He engraves his name and the cue serial number on the butt cap, then caps it with a hard rubber bumper to protect the gorgeous wood.

As always, his silver work is meticulous and about as close to perfect as this type of work can be.  

He applies a black leather textured wrap that looks great on this cue.  And, in his trademark fashion does a small embossed ring around both ends to give it a finished look.

While a  lot of Jerry's cues utilize geometric patterns and figures, this one integrates a number of overlapping and intertwined whorls and curves into a more free-flowing design.  And the combination of woods, highlighted with all the silver work, makes this design something really special.  I think it's one of Jerry's best designs.

One of the strongest features of Jerry's cues is that he never varies from his original building process that for years has yielded some of the best hitting cues on the market.  His are cues that are not only beautiful but hit a ton.  They have a soft and solid hit that is consistent across all his sticks.  Once you start playing with one, you will fully appreciate just how good it hits.

He builds this - as always - with a flat faced wood-to-wood joint, with a 3/8X10 stainless steel pin.  He never varies this combination and is one of the big reasons all his cues hit virtually the same.

It comes with his custom joint protectors made by Jerry.  It has his standard tight double silver ring pattern at the joint (and on the butt joint protector) which he uses on all his cues.  His shafts are interchangeable.  
This one comes with two 13mm shafts - one a traditional shaft with a long ferrule and a second low deflection shaft with a shorter ferrule.  Both have Kamui layered tips.  It weighs 19.4 ounces, but because of its perfect balance it feels lighter in the hands.

It comes with a McWorter custom made extension that goes on and off quickly and is very light.  This is normally a $200 value when purchased separately from Jerry.

PRICE:  $5950 plus shipping