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This cue was Jerry's entry into the 2012 ICCS Special Collection in Las Vegas.  The theme, as you might expect, was "Gambler Cues" and he - like a couple of other cuemakers - chose a Roulette variation.  This one, along with all the other Special collection cues, was put up for auction, and I was pleased to have the winning bid.

He began with an extremely nice piece of amboyna burl.  Then, beginning with the butt sleeve, he began to recreate portions of a Roulette wheel.  He first wraps an array of numbers around the butt sleeve, much as you would see them on the betting table where you place your chips.  Above the wrap, he wraps another set of roulette numbers around the cue, and in his usual inventive way, places them upside down, since that's the way they appear when you're looking down at an actual Roulette wheel.  

As you would expect in a McWorter cue, he does an excellent job with all the silver work, both in the bars and its use in separating the various Roulette numbers.

The burl in this cue is gorgeous, and at the tip of the nose shows a different gradient in color.  
To add a nice accent, he alternately runs ebony bars and silver bars up the nose of the cue, the silver ones outlined with black veneers on either side.  He also adds his traditional double silver rings at the joint.

As with all the cues in the Special Collection, it is marked as such on the butt cap.  He uses a narrow "Hoppe" style ivory ring in order to accomplish this.

The various number segments are made from inlays of ebony, pink ivory wood and malachite, with the numbers themselves engraved and outlined in white.

He finished this one with his standard black leather textured wrap, and as usual with his wraps, it is expertly applied with little evidence of a seam.  He also adds a nice burl joint protector.

He builds this one with his usual wood to wood flat-faced joint.  It weighs right at 19 ounces, and comes with two 13mm shafts with ivory ferrules and Kamui tips. McWorter's cues are all nice, but this one is exceptional, and without a doubt, one of a kind.  He has done some very creative cues in the past - his "Lone Star" cue, and his "Route 66" cue come to mind - but, at least in my opinion, this one stands above even those.