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Here is another classic design by Jerry McWorter - the Ptolemy.  It is an exquisite design and one of my favorites from this master cue maker. 

Jerry has been making cues for many years now, and his designs are among the best in the industry.  They are always classy and artistic, and tend to always rely heavily on his expert silver work, for which he is well-known. 

This design uses beautifully colored amboyna burl along with black, black Gabon ebony.  In addition, this cue was made a number of years ago, and I just purchased it out of a private collection.  That makes this one very special, in that it is not only unplayed and unchalked, it is also in mint condition, AND, all of the white in the cue is creamy, white ivory.  Just to be sure it was as perfect as it can be, I sent it back to Jerry for a complete going-over, including a fresh wet-sand and repolish.

For many years, most of Jerry's cues went overseas, particularly to Japan.  They are still very popular throughout Asia.   And to add to their relative rarity, he doesn't build a lot of cues.  Fortunately, in recent years most of his cues have stayed in the U.S., so they've become more available than in the past.  Still, finding one in ivory that is still in new condition is a rare thing.

I always like the way Jerry does a simple ring of ivory below and above the wrap.  It frames the handle, and especially his excellent leather work.  It's difficult to even find the seam on a McWorter wrap.

I seldom try to describe the designs of Jerry's cues in any detail - they are so complex and artistic that words just don't work well.  I think the pictures do a much better job.  But just take a look at the gentle lines and bends of his silver work - exquiste, continuous lines of fine silver.

I love the long split-ivory "points" in this cue, topped by a small spear inlay at the tops.

The butt sleeve is essentially a mirror image of the nose, just shorter.  It consists of the same fine, detailed, flowing work in amboyna, ebony silver and ivory.

The amboyna is nicely colored - warm tone with beautiful figure.

As always, Jerry engraves his name in the butt cap, along with the serial number of the cue. 

He builds this one as always, with a flat-faced joint, with a double silver ring on the collars of the butt and the shafts.  And at the time this cue was made, Jerry was using radial pins.

It comes with two 13mm shafts, unplayed, with the original layered tips, probably Mooris.  They have beautiful long ivory ferrules, providing a "touch" like no other substance.  It weighs 19.25 ounces.

This cue is truly an artistic masterpiece, but with ultimate playability.