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Here is another spectacular Jerry McWorter design which he calls the Pinnacle.  It is one of his favorite designs and perhaps his best.  It's very innovative - I don't know of another cue that looks like it.

The choice of woods in this one makes it very special.  Deep dark ebony is used in combination with highly figured curly maple.  The contrast between the colors is just right, and they work perfectly with this unusual design.

Jerry has many beautiful designs, taking advantage of his natural artistic ability and his fine craftsmanship that has gained him the reputation of one of the finest silversmiths in this business.  He has told me this is his favorite design.  I love the way the points explode up the forearm of the cue, and in doing so form large ovals between them.  It's a very creative and unique design; as I said, different from anything anyone else is doing.

In the butt sleeve, he repeats the use of the long ovals that are "coincidentally" formed between the points.  At the top and bottom of the ovals, as in the nose, he also repeats the use of the starburst rings that circle the cue.

This "starburst" pattern is spectacular.  It is comprised of small white diamonds, larger white diamonds, and black ebony diamonds, all tied together with short silver veneers.  Together, this all creates a "jeweled" look that makes the entire cue sparkle.

As always, he wraps this with a high quality pebbled black leather.  And, again as always, he applies it the way only he can - virtually seamless.

This is a terrific design - classy and elegant.  As with many of his cues, he uses a wide ring (in this case, white) above and below the wrap.  It's a technique he often uses, framing the wrap, the nose and the butt sleeve.

As with most of his sticks, it is filled with some of the best silver work in the business.  Fine, delicate, gently flowing silver veneers that are flawlessly inlaid, framing the long ovals and points, and extending on up into the nose, finally ending in delicate white diamonds.

At the base, he uses a white phenolic ring and just above engraves his name/logo and numbers the specific cue.

A few more looks at this great design and the flawless work that he puts into every McWorter cue.

It comes with a custom joint protector for the butt with matching rings.  The shafts have generic black phenolic protectors.

It's interesting to me that Jerry's cues are simple while being complex and understated while at the same time elegant.  This cue is a perfect example.   He never varies his ring pattern at the joint.  It is always a simple double silver ring, both on the butt and the ring collars of the shafts.  From a functional perspective, this allows his shafts to all be interchangeable.

He always builds his cues with a 3/8X10 stainless steel pin in a flat-faced configuration.  He never varies from this construction, which is one of the reasons for the great consistency of his cues - they all hit the same.  And need I say, they are known for their great feel, balance and hit.

It comes with two of Jerry's 13mm low deflection shafts, and weighs 19.4 ounces.

I always think there is a lot of value in Jerry's cues.  Quite simply, there is a ton of work in them for what they cost.  This one exemplifies this value.  It's a bargain at $5250 plus shipping.

(Custom extensions made by Jerry for his cues are available here for $200 extra.)