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Here is an unusual design for Jerry McWorter, a six point burl and ebony cue with highlights of inlaid malachite and ivory.

This is an older cue, but one that has been well-preserved in a collection.  The butt is in near mint condition, one shaft looks to be unplayed, with the second showing only light play.  Plus, since it was made some time ago, the white is all ivory - something unattainable today in a newly made cue.

The points are all of beautiful Thuya burl, which shows great character, and there are six points up (long and short) in the nose and six points down in the butt sleeve.  As always, Jerry's work is sharp and meticulous with very tight tolerances.

The best thing about this stick, however, as with all McWorter cues, is the great professional hit.  Jerry, being a good player himself, has long ago decided the kind of balance and hit he thinks are best in a cue, and doesn't deviate from his design.  He always uses the same joint configuration and pin, and the balance is always perfect.

The inlay work is perfect - tight, very meticulous with great attention to detail.  This design requires precision, and Jerry meets that demand with outstanding work.

Everything on this cue is laid into a base of ebony.  And I particularly like the unusual scalloped black "rings" above and below the wrap.

As usual, the wrap is applied as only the very best cuemakers can do.  His wraps always appear to be seamless, and only under obsessive inspection can a seam be found.  And, as always, he does a subtle embossed ring in the leather at the top and bottom.

This cue comes with a custom set of joint protectors which I suspect were not made by Jerry.  He seldom makes shaft protectors, and his butt joint protector is always rounded, so I don't think he built these.  Since this cue came from a private collection, I assume they were added later, and they are a very nice addition.  They are build from ebony and ivory, and look great on the cue.

This beautiful McWorter comes with two original premium maple shafts with ivory ferrules and I believe, medium Moori tips.  It is 58 inches long and weighs about 19 ounces.  It is built with his standard 3/8 X 10 modified stainless steel pin.