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Here is an opportunity to buy a relatively rare McWorter cue in a seldom seen design - the McWorter Crown Feather.  He didn't make many of these, and has since stopped building this design.

This is an older cue, but still in very good condition.  It is built from a beautiful, dark piece of cocobolo, and is really a stunning cue.

I've been a long-term fan of Jerry's cues, and one of the reasons is because of his artistic, flowing designs using his well-recognized skill using silver veneers to enhance their resplendent look.  This one is typical, and looking at the silver veneers blossoming into the space above each "point", it's easy to see how he came up with the name of this one.

This design uses eight white "points" of elforyn emerging both up and down from the handle.  Four are long, and four short.  Each one is outlined in Jerry's finely polished silver veneer.  Each of the longer points are accented with the addition of a long white spearhead above (and below) their tips.

As usual with McWorters, the word that keeps coming to mind as you view it is "elegant."  It is a sleek, classy cue, with a delicate inlay pattern.

Jerry's silver work is always meticulous, and always arranged in long, sweeping swirls and arcs.

I love the palindrome effect he creates with this cue - points going in both directions from the middle, building an ornate "mirror" image.

It's easy to get lost in the beauty of this cue, and to forget the most important thing - its playability.  Jerry is a very good player, and he has long recognized the kind of hit he builds into every stick.  He doesn't deviate from the integrity of each build, and you don't find him experimenting with the structure of his sticks.  If you like the way one of his cues plays (and you will), you'll like them all. 

Very nice cocobolo in this cue - a dark reddish brown showing off lots of figure and grain.  Subtle, and refined.

As with all of his cues, he uses a very fine piece of black leather with a very slightly embossed effect.  It looks classy and feels great in the hand.  And as always, it is expertly applied.  His seams are almost indetectable, setting a standard for the industry.

No shortage of work in this stick!

At the top and bottom of each wrap, he adds a finely embossed line circling the cue.  It is barely visible, but is kind of a signature detail that he adds to each stick.

As with all his cues, he adds two silver rings laid closely side by side, at the joint and on the shaft ring collars.  Since Jerry doesn't alter the integrity of his joint design, his shafts are always interchangeable.  He builds all his cues with a 3/8X10 stainless steel modified pin in a flat-faced joint. 

It comes with two 12.8mm shafts of premium maple with elforyn ferrules and LePro tips.  It weighs 19.0 ounces with one shaft and 19.2 with the other (15.3, 3.7 and 3.9), and is a very well-balanced cue.  It is 58 inches long.  You can buy Jerry's custom made extensions which fit the cue perfectly.

This is a pre-owned cue that shows almost no signs of play.  It has what I would call "shelf wear."  There is a very, very small finish ding on the nose that is almost indetectable, and a couple of small scuffs around the edge of the butt cap.  The shafts show no sign of play.  My opinion is that the butt has been slightly played, but with different shafts.  Overall it is in very good to excellent condition.