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Here is another classic McWorter design, this time his well-known "Crown" design in as pretty a piece of cocobolo as you'll see anywhere.  Jerry told me this was one of the prettiest pieces he'd come across in a long time, and the kind you can't find much anymore. 

He's been making this design for a number of years, using different woods from time to time, but it has been a popular cue for him.  In years past, he used ivory rather than elforyn, but the look of the cue remains the same.  It's a simple design, but very striking and elegant.

He uses the same inlay pattern above and below the wrap, and while it is very stunning, it still allows the beautiful woods he selects to be an equal "co-star" in this stick.  

Since this cue relies so heavily on the beauty of the wood, he saves great pieces for this design.  The cocobolo in this cue is so figured and with so much depth that it almost looks like a burl.  And the color is just outstanding.

As always, he uses a lightly textured black leather wrap, applied perfectly as few can do.  He obviously likes this wrap selection - I've never seen a McWorter with anything else. 

Take a look at the figure and color of this cocobolo.  It's terrific.

Talk about clean work - I don't know of anyone whose inlay work is sharper and cleaner than Jerry's.  Every once in awhile, just for kicks, I take a look at his inlay and silver work through a magnifying glass ... and it's still as good as it gets!

As almost always, he caps the butt with a black delrin ring for durability, and then engraves his name with the cue number.  And, he builds a matching butt cap.

In my opinion, Jerry's cues are among the best-hitting sticks on the market.  Part of the secret is in the fit and tight tolerances he builds into his cues, especially in the joint, which never changes.  It helps to insure that all his cues have the same great feel.

Being a very good player, Jerry knows how he likes a cue to hit.  He perfected that feel in a stick years ago and duplicates it perfectly each time.  He doesn't vary his joints or his construction technique, and they all hit well.

He builds all this cues with a 3-8X10 stainless steel pin with a flat-faced, wood to wood configuration.  It's a great joint that works perfectly with his sticks.  On 99% of his sticks, he uses a delicate double silver ring at the joint and on the shaft ring collars.

As a finishing touch he adds a nice custom joint protector for the butt with matching wood and rings.

It comes with two of Jerry's low deflection shafts of premium maple, both 13mm.  He uses elforyn for his ferrules and  Kamui medium layered tips.

Keep in mind I handpick the cues I get from Jerry, and get his very best pieces of wood.  This cocobolo is exceptional. 


Note: Optional custom-made 8" extensions, made by Jerry, are available for this cue and are $200.