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This is one of my favorite designs from Jerry McWorter, and that's saying a lot, because I really like all his designs.  There is noone who has more spectacular and well-executed designs.  And when you add his top-shelf silver work, cues just don't get much better.

This one is called "The Deco" and to describe it very simplistically, it is a four point cue, with reverse points going down into the butt sleeve.  But that's where simplicity ends - it is actually a very complex design.

This cue is new - straight from Jerry's shop.

Each point consists of elforyn inlays, amboyna burl inlays and flowing fine silver veneers.  Together, it all becomes intricate and gorgeous points.

Between the points, going both ways, he inlays silver veneers forming a ray pattern.  Above and below the wrap, he adds amboyna rings that frame the handle and form a base for the rays.  The amboyna rings are topped with two thin silver rings.

The best thing about Jerry's cues, of course, is that no matter how good they look, they play better.  They are very consistent, the balance and feel is always the same, and they always seem to hit the same.  The only real variable is the weight.

His solid ebony butt sleeve is capped with a piece of black phenolic which is difficult to differentiate from the surrounding ebony.  It gives the butt of the cue extra protection from chipping or splitting.

The long, white, elforyn points create a great visual effect as they seemingly disappear into the jet-black ebony nose.

The pretty amboyna burl, even in these small amounts, gives the cue just the right amount of color.  It is elegant and classy.

As always, he wraps it with a textured black leather that is applied perfectly - nearly seamlessly.  You really have to search to find the seam.  I love the feel of this leather.  It's soft and supple and will only improve with age.

A closer view of the wrap.

It's hard to beat the clean lines of this design, and its sheer elegance.

As always, Jerry engraves his name in the butt cap, along with the individual serial number of the cue.

At the joint he adds his signature double silver rings, as well as on the shaft ring collars.  He includes a custom ebony joint protector with matching silver rings for the butt, and his own "generic" caps for the shafts.

He builds it with his 3/8-10 modified steel pin, in a flat-faced joint.

It comes with two of his specially designed 13mm low deflection shafts with elforyn ferrules and Kamui medium layered tips.  These shafts are a great compromise for playability - they eliminate a lot of deflection while retaining the great feel of natural wood.  It weighs 19.4 ounces.  Because of their superb balance, I always feel his cues seem a little lighter than they actually are.
This cue defines elegance and distinction.  A wonderful cue by a top tier cuethier.