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This is one of Jerry's newer designs - a cue he calls "The Aztec."  Since I'm usually so overwhelmed by his usual artistic swirls, curves and whorls, and his elaborate designs, I was pleasantly surprised by just how much I liked this traditional, eight point design.

As with any McWorter cue, the work is about as perfect as our technology today allows.  This ebony based cue with maple points and eleforn inlays (no ivory) is traditional, yet still has the flair that McWorter's cues are known for.

Although it lacks the silver work that Jerry is well-known for, the appearance of this cue is still very classy.  His use of pretty birdseye maple points with ebony veneers, highlighted by the eleforn overlays, makes this cue simple and fancy at the same time.

I love the way he elongates the reverse points in the buttsleeve and takes them down almost to the almost invisible phenolic butt cap.  It gives the cue a sleek, elegant appearance.  
As usual, the wrap is as expertly applied as you'll find on any cue anywhere. His virtually seamless application is always a mystery to me ... you really have to search to find a seam. 

And the black textured leather is both beautiful and extremely comfortable in your hand.

This cue is built like all McWorters, with a 3/8X10 pin in a flat-faced joint. Playability is what I like best about all his cues.  They are remarkably consistent and play beautifully. His cues have a good, solid, relatively soft hit and tremendous "life" to the way they feel.
Jerry is now providing one traditional shaft and one "High Tech" shaft (with aluminum ferrule and less deflection) with each of his cues.  This is the way I have presented the cue, but for anyone wishing to have two traditional shafts, I can mix and match to suit your needs.  

This cue weighs 19.5 ounces and comes with the two 13 mm shafts with Kamui tips.  It is NEW, straight to me from Jerry's shop.  
PRICE:  $3500 plus shipping.