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Here, straight from Jerry's shop, is a beautiful six-point cue in Gabon ebony and cocobolo.  The ebony is pure, sleek black, and the cocobolo is rich brownish-red with beautiful figure.  This is a cue that is meant to be all business.

Just take a good look at the richness of the color in these woods, and the beautiful contrast he strikes between them.

One of the many things I like a lot about Jerry's cues is that they all hit very much the same.  His shafts are interchangeable and he never varies the way he constructs them or the joint he uses.  I made it a point to test-hit this one well, mainly because I had trouble putting it down, and it has an extremely impressive hit.

The cocobolo has very rich color, and the grain is impressive.  The ebony is nice and black.

I love the way Jerry uses simplicity in his designs and yet makes them very elegant.  The addition of the white ring above and below the wrap is a simple detail, yet there is no doubt it shows off the elegant black leather wrap, and seems to bring the whole cue together.

The simple, single white veneers tastefully frame each point and seem to add to the beautiful contrast between the two classy woods.

Even though this is at the low end of the price range of Jerry's sticks, it is as elegant as it can be.  He makes very few cues in this range - the majority of his work falls in the $4000-5000 range.  This design is the most inexpensive he makes.  This one is priced at $2500.

The figure in this cocobolo is gorgeous.

The points are nice and sharp and the white veneers are perfect.

As with all of Jerry's cues, he uses a double-silver ring at the joint and on the ring collars of the shafts.  He adds a nice custom, matching joint protector for the butt, and his own phenolic protectors for the shafts.

This cue weighs only 18.3 ounces, so if you like a cue on the light side, here's a good choice.  Jerry's cues are seldom this light.

Also as usual, he builds this one with his own 3/8X10 stainless steel pin in a flat-faced wood-to-wood joint.  It comes with two of his own low-deflection maple shafts, each 13mm, with elforyn ferrules and Kamui medium layered tips.  (These are excellent shafts - they cut down on deflection yet retain the "live" feel of real wood.  A great compromise!)
PRICE:  $2500 plus shipping