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 ∞ LIBRA ∞

This is the Libra version of the Constellation Series cues.  Libra is the Zodiac sign that is represented by the scale, an association that reflects its fixation on balance and harmony.  Libra is obsessed with symmetry and equilibrium in all phases of life.  (Interestingly, Libra is the only sign that is represented by an inanimant object.)

Cheng does an outstanding job of inlaying an accurate and meticulous inlay pattern showing this symbol, embellished by the use of silver and copper. 

The forearm of each of the constellation cues is nearly identical.  It is built with six points of beautiful Australian blue abalone, and of course, the character within each piece of abalone varies, making each one unique.

Each point is framed within a copper veneer, and shadow "points" are built between each point from silver veneer.  Each shadow point is highlighted with an abalone dot.

Above and below the main artwork in the buttsleeve is a very unique ring pattern built with symbols in copper, with additional abalone inlays.  (The O symbol with the double line under it is the Greek symbol for Libra.)

The Libra symbol is encircled with two copper circles, divided into twelve squares of the Zodiac.  Each square has the ancient Greek symbol inlaid in silver, representing the twelve signs of the Zodiac.

This abalone is gorgeous - as pretty as I've ever seen.  And it really pops against the black ebony background.

His inlay work is done with taste and precision.

The ring pattern is very unique.  Each "ring" is built with copper symbols and small abalone inlays.  At the bottom of the butt sleeve he inlays his North Demon logo in copper.

It is fitted with a stiff rubber bumper for protection of the butt cap - the part of the cue most susceptible to wear.  And, within the bumper is a female bolt ready to accept an extension.  (they are threaded to accept a standard Predator extension, among others.)

Gorgeous abalone ...

He repeats the ring pattern at the joint and on the bolt joint protector.  It comes with a custom matching set of joint protectors of ebony.  It is tipped with medium layered North Demon tips, dyed green for a great appearance.

It is built with a titanium alloy radial pin in a flat-faced wood-to-wood joint.  This cue plays great.

The joint protectors are engraved with the North Demon logo, and the bolt protector has the inlaid ring pattern.

It comes with two premium maple shafts with North Demon medium tips.  It is 12.5mm at the tip and the ferrule tapers up to 12.8mm where it meets the wood.  From there it has a conical taper.  His shafts are each fine-tuned until Cheng is satisfied.  They have very high strength and spin values, and are very, very low deflection.  It is 58 inches long, and weighs 19.4 or 19.6 ounces, depending on which shaft is used (the butt weighs 15.5, shafts weigh 3.9 and 4.1).

This is an elegant and classy cue, built by someone who has quickly jumped to the top levels of cue making.  Not only is he building some of the best cues I've seen, but they are very fairly priced for amount of work, material and artistry in them.  This is a one of a kind, so if it appeals to you, act quickly.