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Here's an unusual design from Ernie.  It's has elements of several designs he traditionally builds, but it's very unique.

As the pictures show, it's a very dressed up version of his four-point 11C model, with lacewood points going into a sheer black nose of Gabon ebony.  However, it has lots of Ginacue "extras" and special features.

There's a lot of work in this cue, starting with all the special inlays, silver bars and abalone spears, all the way to the intricate multi-colored rings.

He used original "Hoppe" colors in the veneers, making them of turquoise, green and white.  He then uses the same veneers to make up the multi-colored rings.

Above the wrap, he uses a silver ring, which blossoms into five silver bars, each tipped with an abalone spear.

In the base of each point, he inlays an ivory notched diamond with an ivory dot above and below.

The rings contain many multiple slices of the Hoppe colored veneers, making them one of the highlights of this cue.  He uses this ring twice in the buttsleeve, at the joint, on the ring collars of the shafts and on the special joint protectors.

The butt sleeve is made up of four lacewood boxes surrounded with the same veneer colors as the points and rings.  The silver rings, bars and abalone spears are repeated as well.

The nose is classic - dark, Gabon ebony with five contrasting points.  It's a classic design with lots of special details.

Great veneer colors, highlighted by the sparkling silver bars and rings.

The butt cap and joint are ivory, and the cap is inlaid with Ernie's special silver medallion logo.  (It is also shadow signed under the finish on the ebony nose.)

As a final flourish, he wrapped this beautiful stick with a gorgeous black elephant ear wrap - as always, flawlessly applied.

He builds it with his standard 5/16X14 steel pin in a piloted joint.  It has ivory ferrules and (I think) Moori tips.  It weighs 19.3 ounces.
This cue came from a private collection.  It is unplayed, unchalked and is in "NEW" condition.  It is pristine.  It comes with an original Gina/Whitten case with the Gina logo on the lid.

He used a brown phenolic material on both sides of the joint.  The color blends nicely with the other colors in the cue.

It was made with a special matching set of joint protectors in ebony and ivory, with the Ginacue logo engraved on the top of each with a double circle.

This is a very unusual Ginacue, and to find one like this in virtually "new" condition is even rarer.