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Dave isn't making many cues these days, so it's always nice when we're able to find a pre-owned one in nice condition.  This one is looking for a new home.

If you're not familiar with Dave Kikel, for many years he was one of the best cuemakers in the business.  He had a reputation for using pretty woods in unique designs, always original, and always focused primarily on superior playability.  As soon as you hit with this stick, you'll know why this reputation was so well-deserved.

This cue is a rare full splice ebony and maple cue from Dave - simple, elegant and plays like few cues you'll ever hit with.  it has just enough inlay to provide a little "flash", but is subtle enough to be deadly.  Thus its nickname, "The Black Mamba."

Made with six sleek points -three short and three long - of pure black ebony going into a pretty birdseye maple nose, this cue exudes simple elegance.  The ivory inlay in the points and at the butt cap add a sinister and deadly look.

At the butt cap are a series of pure ivory "fangs" that give this cue its personality.  The ivory diamonds in the points add to the effect.

As usual, Dave engraved his KQ logo in the cue at the butt.

The birdseye maple in the nose is premium quality - not unusual for a Kikel, but nonetheless impressive.

The ivory "teeth" at the butt cap are really stunning.  Each one is a nice sized chunk of pure ivory, forming a beautiful design.  Just below them he uses what I think is a black delrin cap to provide protection for the wood and ivory inlay work.

I picked this stick up on the secondary market, and although it has been slightly played, it is in excellent condition.  The butt looks like new, and has no visible scratches, dings or dents.  The finish looks like new.  There is one very slight ding in the finish which is too small to show up in a picture in the ebony.  (Please keep in mind, I have a "no surprises" policy and point out every little thing in a cue, so although this is VERY minor, I want to mention it.)

At the joint, he uses a simple ring pattern of ivory and ebony squares.  He then uses it again on the shaft ring collars.

Since this stick is pre-owned, I wanted to include a series of pictures of the shafts so it can be seen how nice and clean they are.  One appears to be unplayed, and the other is in excellent condition, although it shows some slight bluing from light play.

He built this with a radial stainless steel 5/16X14 pin (his favorite) in a piloted joint.  It's the joint configuration that Dave built his reputation on.  It comes with two 13mm shafts with ivory ferrules.  Dave typically used Sumo tipos on all his cues unless asked to do otherwise, but these look to be original

It weighs 19.8 ounces.

This is an opportunity to buy a great looking cue from a really top-notch cuemaker that hits a ton ... for a reasonable price.