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Kikel Ivory/Thuya Burl Anniversary Cue
This is another 20th Anniversary cue by Dave Kikel.  Each one is radically different (as you can see by looking at the other Anniversary cue on this site), but all share the same eight point design in the nose and the same ringwork. Also, they are all strikingly beautiful.

Kikel's work is as good as it gets in this industry.  His attention to detail, and the way he meticulously completes every cue without any flaws, is incredible.  In addition, the consistency of the hit of all his cues is hard to believe ... they all hit the same.  He is one of the best.

He starts this cue with a beautiful piece of Thuya Burl wood in the nose and the butt sleeve.  It is highly figured and very pretty.  In the nose, he builds four long points and four shorter, shadow points, all of solid ivory.

In the butt sleeve he builds eight overlapping ivory boxes - four large and four small - all corresponding to the eight points above.  As with the points, each box is outlined with four veneers - yellow, black, red and black.

The long points and larger boxes all contain two dots and a notched diamond of stained red maple.  The shadow points and the smaller boxes each contain three dots of that same reddish maple.

Everything white in this cue is ivory - points, boxes, checks in the rings, butt cap, joint, ferrules, even the joint protectors.  He didn't hold back in building this cue.  The combination of it all makes it look not only beautiful, but classy and rich.  It's a gorgeous cue.

To complete the overall elegance of this stick he adds a very nice black ringtail lizard wrap.

As usual, Dave builds very nice joint protectors to complement and protect this cue.  It is built with his 5/16X14 pin in a piloted joint configuration.  This has been the joint and pin he has favored throughout his career and it is almost always on his higher end cues. 

It comes with two 13mm shafts of Dave's classic well-aged wood, with ivory ferrules and Sumo tips.  It weighs 19.3 ounces, and it is a great-hitting cue.  This was the 17th of his 20 Twentieth Anniversary cues, and I'm not sure if he completed the last three.  Either way the opportunity to get a new one no longer exists, as Dave has retired from cue making.  This is a beautiful cues by a great master cuemaker.