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Dave Kikel is unofficially "retired" these days, so we're always happy to find one of his cues in good condition on the secondary market. Here's one that deserves a good home.

Above all, Dave's cues have the well-deserved reputation of being great playing cues.  My experience with his work goes well back into the 80s, and I don't think I've ever hit with a Kikel cue that didn't live up to that reputation.  This one is no exception.

This is a cue that literally defies description.  I'll do my best, but the pictures will tell its story better.  I'm calling this a "Palindrome", which is a term that means that everything going in one direction also comes back the same from the other direction.  This is not a perfect palindrome, but it's close.

The butt sleeve is different from the "palindrome" nose.  It's a simple design with narrow, natural maple "windows" inlaid into the ebony sleeve.

Dave put a very traditional linen wrap on this one, in black with white specks. Above the butt cap, and below and above the wrap he uses a simple maple slot ring pattern that looks great on this stick.

Dave is strictly a pantagraph guy.  No computers or CNC work.  Just meticulous old-school piece by piece inlay.  That's what makes a complicated design like this even more impressive.

As usual, he engraves his KQ logo in the butt cap.

As I said above, this cue is difficult to describe.  He puts solid long bars of American holly in the nose, and somehow works them into the palindrome points.  It's a bit of mind twister.  Even when you have the cue in your hands and try to follow the pattern it fools you.

He builds this with a stainless steel piloted joint with a 5/16X14 threaded pin.  The fit in his joints is always well-crafted and tight.

Here's a good look at the entire nose ...

He uses a different ring pattern at the joint and on the shafts.  It's a very detailed check ring, using the same woods that are used in the rest of the cue.

On the right is a good look at the holly bar he uses in the points.

Below are some good shots of the joint, the collar rings and the ferrules and tips.  Kikel normally used Sumo tips (his favorite) on his cues, and these appear to be original.  The ferrules are ivory. 

Since this is a pre-owned cue, I wanted to provide several photos of the shafts so their great condition can be seen.  One appears to be unplayed, the other is 95% - some very slight bluing, but otherwise perfect in every way.

With Dave no longer taking orders for new cues, this is a rare opportunity to buy one in near new condition at a bargain price.  Don't pass up the chance to own one of his beautifully hitting cues.