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If you have followed this website for any length of time, you know that Dave Kikel is one of my favorite all-time cuemakers.  His unique designs and recognizable style, coupled with his meticulous work and extremely consistent "hit" make his cues a very desirable acquisition.

Dave is now, for the most part, retired, and although he still makes a few cues a year, they mostly go to a couple of his longtime customers.  This makes his older cues on the secondary market even more valuable and desirable than ever.

If you've never hit with a Kikel, you've missed out on a real treat.  I've never hit with a Kikel cue that I didn't like.   I can't say that about many cuemakers - even the good ones.  His consistency in building in a good solid crisp hit is an important feature of his cues.  Part of that, at least, is the quality of his shafts.   Every shaft Dave puts out is the product of a nearly 15 year process - cutting, hanging, drying, lots of patience, and a super critical culling process.

The primary visual impact of this stick comes from the jet black ebony points into the beautiful birdseye maple nose, separated by a striking butterfly pattern from purpleheart and yellowheart woods.

Each point is tipped with an ebony clover with a small inlaid ivory dot at its center.

The same basic design is recreated in the butt sleeve with reverse points.  Each ebony point, both in the nose and the butt sleeve, is inlaid with two ivory diamonds.

The wrap is of a black patterned leather, and is expertly applied.

This butterfly pattern presents a striking effect on the appearance of the cue.  The vibrant colors of the purpleheart and yellowheart woods explode from the cue like brilliant paints on a canvas.

Dave always took a great deal of pride in working only with natural wood colors and making them into something special.  This cue is a great example of that.  And just look at the beautiful birdseye maple!

He uses a classic ring pattern - a single white ivory circle interrupted by a series of small and slightly larger ivory dots.

As usual, he engraves his KQ logo in the butt of the cue, and in this case, also in the pretty custom made joint protectors.  Each one is made from birdseye maple with an ivory top with the logo engraved in it and has bands of purpleheart and ebony to complement the cue.

He builds it with his favorite joint, a piloted joint with a 5/16-14 steel pin.  It comes with two shafts with ivory ferrules and Sumo layered tips.  One is 13.1mm, the other is 12.8.  It weighs 18.8 ounces with either shaft.  This stick is in mint condition.  The butt is perfect, one shaft is unplayed and the other shows some signs of play if you look closely.