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Here at Recollection Cues, we're proud to have for sale some of the finest Josswest cues ever made.  And, we're especially pleased that these cues range in condition from "new" to "excellent" (almost like new).  We have just been able to add one more such cue to our inventory ... the "Tahitian Pearl."

A quick glance at this cue shows it is an ebony and ivory design, with lots of pure, white ivory.  A slightly closer examination shows elaborate silver work and abalone inlays that make this cue reminiscent of a fine piece of jewelry.

This cue is Bill Stroud at his best.  From the logo, we can tell the cue was made sometime after 1995, but from the work and the design, we can make a good estimate it was made somewhere between 2005 and 2008.  Looking at his overall body of work, we know this is the type of construction he was using at the time, as well as the kind of design he was using. 

This time period was Stroud at the top of his game.  It was near the end of his career, and when he was doing his most sophisticated work.  It was at a time when he was doing a lot of fourth axis work.  Take a look at the shape of the long ivory points.  They are curved on the sides as opposed to straight - work that's only possible with a fourth axis machine.  

We also know that this type of joint construction (flat faced, with ivory sleeve over wood) was what he was frequently building during this same time period.  (On a personal note, I played with one of his cues of this construction for several years and it was one of the best playing cues I ever played with!)  It's my favorite joint construction.

You can probably tell I'm impressed by quality of the abalone in this cue by all the pictures.  Each time I turned the cue in the light it took on different colors and levels of vibrancy, so I wanted to try to convey this beauty, if possible.

The design work and silver work in this cue is exceptional.  The silver is all fine silver, and there is a lot of it.  I find it difficult to even describe the design - it is complex, and beautiful.

So here are the basics.  It is an ebony cue with four points of ivory up and four down - long, curved points of gorgeous ivory, all highlighted with lots of exquisite silver work, highlighted further with beautiful inlays of very pretty abalone.  it has a black elephant ear wrap, ivory butt cap and ivory sleeve joint.

Bill Stroud had a long and illustrious career as a cuemaker, spanning approximately a half century.  This cue was produced when he was at the absolute top of this career.  His work was finely honed and his designs at their best.  This cue is a great example of his finest period of work.

This stick is in excellent condition.  One shaft is unplayed, the other shows very, very slight signs of play, but is in excellent condition.  The butt is immaculate and looks like it just left the Josswest shop.  It's difficult to find these high end cues in any condition - he didn't make that many and those he did are usually in private collections.  Finding one in this condition availble for purchase is very rare.

The Josswest logo is clearly engraved in the ivory butt cap.  This particular logo indicates the cue was made after 1995.

The beautiful black elephant ear wrap is expertly applied.

My favorite joint construction for playability... 

This cue can be yours immediately.  It comes with two 13mm shafts with ivory ferrules and what appear to be layered black Kamui tips.  It weighs 19.3 ounces, and is in excellent condition.  It will be an outstanding addition to any collection of fine cues.  No collection is complete without a nice Josswest.

PRICE:  $7200 plus shipping