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This is another beautiful and unusual Josswest cue with a Southwest style design.  Stroud was heavily influenced by his residency in several Southwest states throughout his life, including Colorado, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.  Many of his cue designs reflect this.

While it's easy to see why I refer to this as a "Native American" design, it is not overly so.  It's not a blatant Indian design, but definitely has features which give it that feel, including various inlays of arrows and arrowheads.

Made in 1989, I bought this cue from a private collection where it has been carefully taken care of all these years.  It is still in nearly new condition. 

This is an elegant cue and very typical of Bill Stroud at this time in his career.  It has a stained maple nose with an eight point design, an ebony butt sleeve and lots of inlay work and special ringwork.  And of course, it has what was the best thing about all Stroud cues ... great playability.

The theme that runs most consistently throughout this stick is the arrow and arrow head motif.  It's what gives it its Native American appearance and it is very effective.  in the butt sleeve there are two arrow-head "rings" with inlaid arrows and a series of stylized diamonds with hash marked diamonds - all ivory.

He then carries this same motif on through the forearm.  He started with a six-point design and then exploded that concept into something very special.

As always with Stroud, the work is meticulous, artful and perfectly tells the story in his mind.

Although he uses the arrow-head ring pattern elsewhere on the cue, at the joint he uses a simple ring of short ivory and veneer dashes.  He uses it at the shaft, on the shaft ring collars and on the special joint protector for the butt.

The butt cap is made of delrin and is engraved with the logo Stroud was using at the time, along with the date of build, 1989.

It is built with a 5/16X18 steel pin in a piloted stainless steel joint.  With it, comes a custom built set of joint protectors.  Stroud didn't like to build joint protectors and normally only build them at the special request of customers on custom builds.  This is an especially nice set.  The butt cap is of ebony, with a matching ring and a solid ivory cap.  The shaft protectors are of solid ivory with a thin ebony ring on the bottom.  One has a turquoise button on top to make it easy to differentiate between the two shafts.

The ivory caps are milled with slots around the circumference.  Lots of work in these.

It comes with two 12.3mm shafts with long ivory ferrules.  One shaft shows the slightest sign of play.  The other shaft is unplayed, perhaps test hit.  This stick is in excellent condition, everything is straight, and it still plays great.  It weighs 19.2 ounces.  This is an extremely collectible, and beautiful, cue.