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Here is another classic Bill Stoud creation.  Custom made for a collector and hand delivered by Bill at the first International Cue Collector Show in Riudoso, New Mexico in 2002.  Remarkably, it has been locked away all these years and is still unplayed and unchalked.

Bill took particular interest in creating cues with classic Southwest and Native-American designs.  This was probably because of his residency in his later years in Colorado and New Mexico.  He came up with many original designs influenced by his time there.  This is one of them.  It's a six-point snakewood and maple cue with ivory inlays and silver ringwork.  According to the original accompanying letter from Bill, it was his "first true 4th axis cue with parallel wall points made."

This is a rare one.  Just think ... Bill Stroud's first 4th axis cue made in this kind of design.  It was the beginning of one of his greatest influences on the future of cue building.  And, it is simply a gorgeous cue.  It has six gracefully curved snakewood points with a single black veneer in a curly birdseye maple forearm.

He built a snakewood butt sleeve with six birdseye maple oval windows veneered in black, with two large ivory spearheads between each oval.

The ringwork in all locations (ABCDE) is an original Josswest design - a snakewood band bordered with silver, inlaid with six ivory Tiffany diamonds inset with an ebony dot.  The rings at the joint on the shaft ring collars is set in black phenolic.

The design of this butt sleeve is sheer beauty.  It all comes together beautifully.  It is filled with work, yet doesn't look overly busy.

As always, Bill's work is cleverly designed and expertly executed.  His work was always clean and tight.  Because of his disciplined construction techniques and his tight tolerances, his cues always played "jam up."  Some of the best playing cues I've ever hit with have been JWs.

The color combination of the woods in this cue are masterful.  They go together perfectly.

A nice picture of the ring at the joint ...

He finishes this beauty off with a smooth caramel brown calfskin leather wrap.  It is the perfect final touch in bringing this whole masterpiece together.  

The butt cap is solid ivory and it is reinforced with black linen phenolic, helping to seal the end of the cue.  His logo at the time is engraved in this cap.

It is built with his favorite joint from this time period - a "thin-walled ivory joint collar reinforced with black linen phenolic."  He had been making his ivory joints this way since about 1995.  It has a stainless steel radial pin, and as Bill said, with a "3/8X7.6 thread."

This is a Josswest classic.  It comes with two 13mm shafts with ivory ferrules and probably LePro tips.  It weighs 19.8 ounces.