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Here is one of the last Jack Justis exotics made.  In 2019 he decided to make ten "exotics" which would be his last.  They all were made from wild animal hides, including ostrich, gator, lizard, water buffalo, etc.  I think he may have even made one from zebra.    The entire body of this one is from elephant.  This case is pure "class."  It is drop dead gorgeous and one of the prettiest Justis cases I've ever seen.  I've owned some beauties, but this is my favorite.

The elephant hide, as you can tell from the pictures, is dyed black.  The rest of the case is made from cowhidedyed dark brown, including the trim, pockets, strap and pad.  It has two pockets, a long and short, which are very traditional on Justis cases.  Each pocket has inlaid diamonds of black python, each with a silver colored diamond in the center of that.  There is one on the short upper case and two on the longer lower pocket.

It has Jack's full adjustable strap and his heavy shoulder pad, both in dark brown matching the pockets and trim.  It has the fully engraved trim around the cap and at the bottom.  It is also engraved on the bottom, including Jack's name and logo.  It is his "Pro-Lite" version, so it is extremely light for a heavy duty case.  The top handle, the strap, side handle and shoulder pad are also engraved. 

The back is fully engraved as well.  All the engraving is left "raw", i.e., he did not come back and dye or stain the engraved leather after it was engraved.  I personally like this contrast much better.  It makes the engraving really stand out.  It is made to carry two butts and four shafts and has his tubular interior, a standard for the industry.  It also comes with a brass tip tapper attached to the case in a black elephant pouch.  (It can be detached if wanted.)

Here is a chance to get a well-made case by one of the all time great casemakers, and one of his last.  This one is brand new and has never had a stick in it.  It comes with a black canvas protective bag that is embroidered with his name and logo. 

PRICE:  $4250 plus shipping